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Look Who is in the Author Spotlight – Jennifer Loring!

authorspotlightWelcome to the Limitless Library Lounge where I interview fellow authors from Limitless Publishing. Today, I am chatting with Jennifer Loring from

IMG_1625 copy

Thanks for joining me in the library lounge, Jenn. Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable.


How long have you been publishing with Limitless? What titles have you published with them? Have you self-published any titles or published with another publisher? Please give details.


I signed a three-book deal with Limitless in July 2015. So far, I’ve published Firebird (The Firebird Trilogy #1) with them, and it is now in production as an audiobook. The second book, What’s Left of Me,” will be released on July 26. I have also published Beautiful Things with Fox & Raven Publishing—who are sadly no longer in business, Conduits with DarkFuse, Those of My Kind with Omnium Gatherum, and about three dozen short stories in various magazines, webzines, and anthologies.

Wonderful! Can you tell us a little bit about your books — what genre you write, if you write a series, any upcoming releases or your current work-in-progress. If you have an upcoming release, please specify the release date.

MyKindWSconduitsI write in several genres—horror, dark fantasy, steampunk/dieselpunk, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance. My current works-in-progress are the final book in The Firebird Trilogy, and a stand-alone sci-fi romance novella that will be out around the holidays. On deck are a paranormal romance, a m/m shifter novella, a cosmic horror novel, two horror novelettes, and two steampunk novellas, as well as the expansion and re-release of Beautiful Things. I may also try to get a hockey-themed novella out around the holidays. I do have a number of releases this year but no solid dates yet except for “What’s Left of Me” (Firebird #2) coming out on July 26.

Sounds like you are quite a versatile writer.

How would you describe your goals as a writer. What do you hope to achieve in the next few years? What are you planning to do to reach these goals?

I’ve been writing full-time for almost a year and a half now, which was my biggest goal. This year, between novels, novellas, and short stories, I’ll have at least five and maybe closer to ten releases, so that’s another goal achieved—having a steady output. I’m continuing to refine my marketing techniques in order to spend more time writing and less time promoting.

I think most writers would prefer to spend more time writing than promoting. I know I would.

What type of reader are you hoping to attract?  Who do you believe would be most interested in reading your books?

Since I write in multiple genres, I like to think there’s something for everyone.

What advice would you give other authors or those still trying to get published?

Be professional at all times. Learn the business side of the industry. Far too many new writers know next to nothing about contracts, royalties, copyright, etc. Plenty of websites (Writer Beware, for example) deal with this sort of thing, and many experienced writers are more than happy to answer questions, too. Educate yourself before you sign a contract or self-publish.

Great advice.

What hobbies and interests do you have besides writing?

I love playing video games. And reading, of course! I have an undergrad degree in studio art, so I also love photography, painting, collage, and drawing when I have time.

Great creative outlets to complement your writing.

What do you like most and least about being an author? What is your toughest challenge?

What I like most is that I’m doing what I love, bringing the stories in my head to the page. I’ve always been a creator; it’s in my blood. What I like least is promotion. Being an introvert, it’s not easy for me (and I suspect most writers) to sell themselves no matter how good their book is.

I can certainly identify with that. It’s very true for most authors.

IMG_0022Can you  please list your social media links, website, blog, etc. so readers can connect with you.


Thanks so much Excellent. It’s been nice chatting with you, Jenn. Good luck with all your forthcoming books.





I'm a retired librarian and the author of the Cobble Cove and Buttercup Bend cozy mystery series and other novels, short stories, poems, articles, and a novella. My books include CLOUDY RAINBOW, REASON TO DIE, SEA SCOPE, MEMORY MAKERS, TIME'S RELATIVE, MEOWS AND PURRS, and MEMORIES AND MEOWS. My Cobble Cove cozy mystery series published by Solstice Publishing consists of 6 books: A STONE'S THROW, BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE, WRITTEN IN STONE, LOVE ON THE ROCKS, NO GRAVESTONE UNTURNED, and SNEAKY'S SUPERNATURAL MYSTERY AND OTHER COBBLE COVE STORIES. My new Buttercup Bend series published by Next Chapter Publishing includes THE CASE OF THE CAT CRAZY LADY and THE CASE OF THE PARROT LOVING PROFESSOR. I've also written a romantic comedy novella, WHEN JACK TRUMPS ACE, and short stories of various genres published as eBooks and in anthologies published by the Red Penguin Collection. My poetry appears in the Nassau County Voices in Verse and the Bard's Annual. I'm a member of Sisters-in-Crime, International Thriller Writers, and the Cat Writers' Association. I live on Long Island with my husband, daughter, and 2 cats.

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