The Roaring ’20’s: A Decade of Mystery edited by J.K. Larkin

Are You Looking For a Collection that Roars as Loudly as the Exciting Greatest Decade?

Journey through the last hundred or so years of history as “The Roaring ‘20s”, an anthology for the greatest decade and all that have come and gone since, takes you from flappers and speakeasies to hippies and beaded doorways. With the next “twenties” still more ahead of us than behind, we could all use a little escape back to the glistening, dangerous, and thrilling world that once was.

My story, “Growing Up in the Summer of 1971” is included in this anthology.

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Stand Out: The Best of the Red Penguin Collection, Volume I edited by JK Larkin

“Stand Out” – includes “the best of” The Red Penguin Collection, featuring writers, poets and playwrights from around the globe. Editor JK Larkin has curated this collection, as well as the poignant, insightful and inspiring volumes in the collection listed below. Included in “Stand Out” are:

Realiteen: Reflecting On Growing Up

  • “The Typography of Her Chest” by Evelyn Sharenov
  • “Because I Was There” by Christina Hoag
  • “Sky Full of Stars” (excerpt) by Hayley St. James

What Lies Beyond–Sci-Fi Short Stories

  • “Generalist” by Stephen Oliver
  • “Preacher” by Lisa Diaz Meyer
  • “The Felinedae Mission” by Debbie De Louise

A Trip for The Books

  • “The Spomenik Tales” by Shannon Frost Greenstein
  • “The Halloween Blizzard” by David Lange
  • “Someday We’ll Laugh About This” by William John Rostron

I Can’t Find My Flashlight—Contemporary Campfire Stories

  • “Die Xian” (Ouija Board) by Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito
  • “The Butcher’s Lunch” by Christ Kennedy
  • “Dapper Man” by David Lange

The Beauty Within – Stories of Spirituality, Faith, and Love

  • “The Children’s Moment” by Linda Trott Dickman
  • “New Orleans” by Elaine Donadio
  • “A Collection of Poems” by Jenna Zeihen
  • “Letter to God” by Jacqueline Bottenbley
  • “Dance of Spirits” by Brianna Witte

The Moments

  • “Christmas Kindness” by Skye Balantyne
  • “Bonding With Lifers” by Christina Hoag
  • “Touched By Rapture” by Jim Tritten
  • “LOST&FOUND” by Nika Jordan Rose
  • “The Best Time of My Life” by Swan Rose

My science fiction story “The Felindae Mission” is reprinted in this collection.

We Made It! Essays Reflecting the New Year edited by JK Larkin

As we toss out the 2020 calendars that have been hanging over our at-home work spaces for far too long, we can finally say that the new year is at last upon us! In this reflective and moving collection of essays, poetry, and prose, we aim to celebrate the many ways our writers found to cope with what was one of the hardest years in recent history, the stories of triumph within the greater tragedies, and the hope that we hold within our hearts as we move into newer, better times. Let’s pop the sparkling cider, because “We Made It!”

Featuring the following authors, playwrights and poets:

  • Katherine Abraham
  • Joanne Angel Barry Colon
  • Juanita Cox
  • Linda M. Crate
  • Stephen DeWolfe
  • David Lange
  • Debbie De Louise
  • Rolanda T. Pyle
  • William John Rostron
  • Kathryn Sadakierski

My essay “Toasting 2021” is including in this collection.

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‘Tis the Season: Poems for Your Holiday Spirit edited by JK Larkin

“‘Tis The Seasons – Poems For Your Holiday Spirit” brings together poems by over thirty unique writers that celebrate the many facets of the holiday season. From the stuffing on Thanksgiving to the Christmas Carols we hold near and dear to our hearts, this collection is sure to put you in the mindset to give thanks, bake some cookies, light a fire in the hearth, and curl up with the words of our brilliantly talented and always moving authors.

Featuring the following talented poets:

  • Katherine Abraham
  • Amy Barnes
  • Linda M. Crate
  • Debbie De Louise
  • Steve deWolfe
  • Linda Trott Dickman
  • John M. Floyd
  • John Grey
  • Anita Haas
  • Eileen M. Hector
  • Brandy Lane
  • David Lange
  • Melody Lipford
  • J.S. Mannino
  • Lyons McBean
  • Lisa Diaz Meyer
  • S. Rupsha Mitrac
  • Colleen Moyne
  • Courtney Murrell
  • Jill Ocone
  • Rolanda T. Pyle
  • Luisa Kay Reyes
  • Vaughn Roste
  • Kathryn Sadakierski
  • Tufik Y. Shayeb
  • Gary S. Watkins
  • Lynn White

My poem, “Advent” is included in this collection.
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What Lies Beyond: Sci-Fi Stories of The Future edited by JK Larkin

Are You On The Prowl For A Dark, Enticing, and Wildly Imaginative Science Fiction Reading Experience?

Journey through space and time as you read this second installment of The Red Penguin Collection, an anthology series by Red Penguin Books. In our collection of science fiction stories, you will be confronted with aliens, robots, clones, and… cats? When it comes to the ever-expanding universe and the bounds of technology, anything is possible!

Featuring the following talented authors, playwrights, and poets:

  • Lawrence F. Bloom
  • Debbie De Louise
  • R. J. Erbacher
  • John M. Floyd
  • Jeremy Handel
  • David M. Lange
  • George Marzocchi
  • Lisa Diaz Meyer
  • Stephen Oliver

My scence fiction story “The Felindae Mission” is included in this collection

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Bards Annual 2020: A Poetry Anthology, The Annual Publication of The Long Island Bards

My poem “Poetry Contest” is included in this anthology.

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Nassau County Voices in Verse 2020: An Anthology of Poetry by Nassau County Poets

My poem “Window Cats” is included in this anthology.

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Second-chance Cats: True Stories of the Cats We Rescue and the Cats Who Rescue Us edited by Callie Smith Grant

There’s no feeling quite like that of getting a second chance and a fresh start. When we adopt a homeless cat–or that cat decides to adopt us–we’re not just giving one of earth’s most beautiful and inscrutable creatures a chance at a good life, we’re giving ourselves the gift of companionship, solace, and love. And plenty of laughter too!

This heartwarming collection includes more than 30 true, contemporary stories told by a variety of writers, including Melody Carlson, Lauraine Snelling, and Kristin Billerbeck. Each feel-good story involves cat rescue, some in a typical way and others in surprising–even miraculous–ways. Sometimes the question becomes: Really, who rescued whom?

A thoughtful gift for the cat lover in your life, Second-Chance Cats is the purrfect companion for cozy nights, lazy weekends, and any time you need a pick-me-up.

My non-fiction story “The Story of Harry and Hermione” appears in this collection

Purchase Link: Crimes Through Time Edited by Ed Gorman, Martin H. Greenberg, and Larry Segriff

Twenty-one mystery tales about feline foils to felons, from the funerary companions of the Egyptian Pharoahs to Edgar Allen Poe’s deskmate to the frontier cats of the Wild West.

My mystery story, “Stitches in Time” appears in this collection.

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