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Release Blitz for Piecing Together Sydney by Brittney Coon

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A Sydney West Novel, Book 3

by Brittney Coon


This year’s annual voyage to Malibu will be unlike any other… 

Sydney West is no longer a party girl looking for summer boys to occupy her nights. She has found love with Jason King and agreed to marry him. With wedding plans in full swing for the July deadline, everything seems to be perfect.

Until someone from Jason’s past interrupts their summer getaway…

When Jason turns cold and distant, the party scene beckons Sydney to return to her old drink-all-night ways. Only this time the guys at the bar don’t hold her attention, but when Sydney’s drink is drugged by a so-called friend—she kisses one of them. When Jason finds out, he leaves the beach house to clear his head, but a couple hours quickly turn into days.

It’s hard to have a wedding without the groom… 

This summer is nothing like what Sydney had planned, and for the first time she’s afraid of the future. Sydney finally figured out what she wants and she isn’t willing to let Jason go without a fight. But is it already too late? Sydney will risk everything to…

piece herself, and the life she wants, back together again.


piecingsydney3*~Buy PIECING TOGETHER SYDNEY (Book 3)~*

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*~Buy SHADES OF SYDNEY (Book 1)~*

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piecingsydneyauthor*~ABOUT THE AUTHOR~*

Brittney Coon graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and a minor in Film and Media Production. Brittney has always been creative and turned to writing to share the stories playing through her head. In her spare time she reads, watches Friends, attends rock concerts, and hangs out with her cats. She currently lives in Arizona.

Social media links:












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New Release: Her Confession by S. Valentine

herconfessionnewreleaseS.Valentine – Her Confession – OUT NOW!

Her Confession, book #2 of The Black Door Trilogy is out now in eBook and paperback format.


Gabriella Woods is adapting to Darion Milano’s daring world.

As Gabi tries to break down Darion’s defenses, and help him move on from his damaged past, she hopes he can offer her the love and security she desperately requires.

herconfessionnewrelease5Darion likes that Gabi is pushing her boundaries, but he has his own dilemmas…

With his outrageous ex-wife in the picture, a constant threat, Gabi finds herself agreeing to Darion’s open-minded adventurous fantasies. The bond they share appears stronger than ever.

Until her confession changes everything.

Is Darion pushing Gabi to her limits, and further away from him?

Or is Gabi in too deep to give Darion up, regardless of her identity that he’s slowly stripping away?

A world of temptation, truths, and ultimate tests.

 herconfessionnewrelease2Purchase links:

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

herconfessionnewreleaseauthorpicAuthor Bio:

Valentine grew up in England. Studying English language and literature, as well as law, she worked in a solicitors for many years before moving to Spain. She does however still visit the UK, which in a way, will always be home.

Returning to her lifelong passion of writing books, she’s also a weekly columnist for The Ibizan newspaper on: lifestyle and fashion. Her other interests include reading, shopping and a nice glass of wine to shows such as Sons Of Anarchy, Dexter, Gossip Girl and SATC. She’s a social media addict, and loves connecting with new people.

For more information, please visit:  If you join her newsletter, you will be the first to receive sneak peeks of chapters, teasers, news, giveaway prizes and more!


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Blog Tour: S.H.A.Y by Christina Leigh Pritchard

cin rockTitle: S.H.A.Y. (The Almost Series #1)

Author: Christina Leigh Pritchard

Genre: Science Fiction

Publication Date: August 16th, 2016

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00033]“Experiment 318: Gone Rogue”

Shay is scientific experiment #318. Science may have created her, but she refuses to allow it to blind her to the difference between right and wrong…
Synthetic Hominid Assumed Youth (S.H.A.Y.) is eighteen years old, which means she has completed Phase One: Developmental. Shay no longer requires the assistance of her Optional Human Parent, Darla, who has guided her in the process of discovering her morality. Shay loves her easy, charming life aboard the marine research facility and doesn’t want it to change.

Phase Two: Experimental. All S.H.A.Y. ages 18-20 will experience loss…

Darla shouldn’t have to die because of an experiment. The thought of losing the only parent she’s ever known is too much. Determined to make sure the scientists at the facility don’t get their way, Shay entraps Darla in a transport device to escape across the Miami Border. There, on the mainland, law enforcement will keep her human parent safe.

Escape Mission: Failed…

Shay crashes into one of the Lone Keys off the coast of Florida, abandoned to all humanity, except for the stranger who drags her ashore. Shay must get Darla to safety or she will die of radiation poisoning trapped inside the Freeze Portal, but Shay can’t do it alone.

The boy who found her, an Ersatz Reproduction Intelligence Clone (E.R.I.C.), is her only hope. He has adaptation skills she needs to complete her mission. Eric was created by the same scientists who want to kill Darla, though. She tries to keep their interaction strictly business, but it’s hard to hate him. He’s flirty, charming and not to mention devastatingly handsome.

Shay must put her trust in Eric’s hands if she wants to save Darla from her fate. It may be worth her heart, but will it be worth her life?

✰✰✰FREE on Kindle Unlimited✰✰✰

Universal Link:


Teaser 2S.H.A.Y. argues with the E.R.I.C.

“Well then, I’m not going to get in the water.” I bent over, grabbing my clothes. He helped me, handing me my shirt.

I snatched it from him. “I’ll just wait up here for you to get back.”

He laughed, poking me in the stomach. “Look, creampuff, I’m not going in without you.”

“Oh yes you will, or I’ll—”

“You’ll what? Talk to yourself some more?”

I narrowed my eyes at him, stumbling as I tugged my pants on.

“You’re the one who needs my help, remember?”

“You make me sick.” My shirt slipped down over my head and I struggled with the buttons.

He smiled. “Take your clothes off.”

“Don’t tell me what to do.”

Amie groaned. She stood beside me, rolling her eyes. “You’re just creating more and more sexual tension with the E.R.I.C. Soon, you’ll forget all about your Darla and I’ll have no human mother for S.H.A.Y. 319.”

“I won’t!” I unzipped my pants again. “I’ll do whatever it takes to save them both.”

Eric backed away. “Whoa, there, I was just teasing you.”

“I’m not talking to you.”

He rolled his eyes. “Right, I forgot, you have others here with you.”

“I’m not doing this for you, you’re the enemy. I’m trying to save my, my—”

“You’re trying to save your ‘what’ exactly?”

“It doesn’t concern you. Just follow me into the water. That way, we can get started.”

“Are you hitting on me?” His eyes widened. “I enjoy a little banter and all, but—”

I shoved him. “Like I’d ever flirt with you.”

Christina Leigh Pritchard was born and raised in South Florida. Her first stories were written at the age of nine in spiral notebooks and in the various diaries she kept. Stories she wrote from age nine to twelve fill about four storage boxes!

Since she’s upgraded to a computer, she’s completed over fifty books and still going strong. Her genres include science fiction, dark fantasy, young adult, drama, suspense, historical romance, multicultural, comedy, poetry and many more.





CIN Series:

“Don’t Give Up,” Said Mom:

Lost Love: A Poetry Collection:

And more! Check them out on her Amazon page and give her a follow while you’re there:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Cozy Chat with Kassandra Lamb

cozycatpicImage00005My  cozy chat guest today is Kassandra Lamb about her  Marcia and Buddy cozy mystery series.

Hi, Kassandra. Thanks for joining us on Cozy Chat. Have a seat and help yourself to some tea while we talk.

Can you tell us a little bit about the Marcia and Buddy series? What gave you the idea for it?

I’m a retired psychotherapist and all of my books have psychological themes. I have another series that has 8 books and 4 novellas in it. I was starting to run low on ideas and inspiration for that series (although I will always love those characters). Then I read an article about service dogs for PTSD sufferers and I thought that would make a great series, with a protagonist who trains these dogs for combat veterans with PTSD.

Developing Marcia’s character has been challenging. She’s a thirty-something divorcee with a bit of snark in her personality, and yet she is dedicated to her dogs and to helping her veteran clients. And that’s how she ends up getting sucked into the messes in their lives.

ToKillALabrador PROMO FINALIn Book 1, To Kill A Labrador, Marcia (pronounced Mar-see-a, not Marsha) is called in to dog-sit Buddy, a Black Labrador who was the first dog she trained. His owner, a former Marine, has been arrested for murdering his wife. Marcia ends up trying to clear him and almost gets herself and Buddy killed in the process.

Book 2, Arsenic and Young Lacy is about to be released. It’s available now for preorder for $1.99  until 9/5/16. Book 1 in the series is currently on sale for $0.99 through 9/3. (Both are regularly $3.99)

That’s terrific, Kassandra. I’m a librarian and so is the protagonist in my Cobble Cove mystery series. I also like to get into the minds of my characters, and in my upcoming standalone, I deal a lot with psychological issues. I have to admit, though, that I’m a cat lover. However, I do have a dog as well  a cat in both “A Stone’s Throw” and its sequel, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” that is coming out this fall.

What are you currently working on? Do you have a new release planned soon? If so, please provide details about it. Is it part of the series or the start of something else or a standalone?

ArsenicAndYoungLacy FINALI just finished Arsenic and Young Lacy (Book 2). It’s now available for preorder. Here’s the blurb:

Sweet, adorable Lacy has stolen Marcia Banks’ heart, but money is tight. Like it or not, the service dog trainer needs to complete the human phase of the training and deliver the dog to her new owner in order to get paid. But the ex-Army nurse-client turns out to be a challenging trainee. On top of her existing neuroses–which go beyond the psychological damage from a sexual assault during her second tour in Afghanistan–the veteran is now being stalked.

When Marcia  receives a bizarre warning to stay away from her client and Lacy is also caught in the stalker’s malicious orbit, Sheriff Will Haines steps in to investigate. Marcia finds this both endearing and annoying, especially when he expects her to stay on the sidelines. The training fee would make her solvent again, but how can she put her dogs at risk?

Maybe Marcia should be more worried about herself since the stalker has decided to pay her off in a very different way.

Sounds wonderful. There’s a stalker in “Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” although the stalker is not central to the plot.

Do you write any other genres than cozies?

I only write mysteries but I do write in several subgenres. Some of my books would qualify as romantic suspense and I’ve even written a thriller.

But recently I’ve really gotten into cozies. They’re fun to write!

Yes, cozies are fun to both read and write. I had originally considered “A Stone’s Throw” to be romantic suspense, but my reviewers considered it a cozy, and so I wrote another even cozier than the first. My upcoming book is going to be quite different.  I consider it a psychological thriller.

How did you get started in writing?

I’ve always loved to write. I wrote professional articles and edited a newsletter during my career as a psychotherapist. I even enjoyed writing test questions when I was teaching college, something most professors hate.

But becoming a published author of fiction seemed like an unreachable dream when I was younger. I had a manuscript going, but I could never seem to get past the fifth chapter. I just kept rewriting the beginning of the story.

Then when I retired, I finally started working on that manuscript in earnest, and once I got rolling, there was no stopping me.               

I still sit back in wonder occasionally and contemplate the turn my life has taken. Dreams really can come true if you work at it.

Nice story. I also edited my college paper and graduate school newsletter. I agree completely that dreams are attainable if you don’t give up on them.

Do you have any advice to other authors about writing cozies or writing in general?

Never give up on your dream. Keep writing, taking classes, learning your craft. Eventually, your words will find an audience. And it’s never too late. I published my first book at age 59.

That’s inspiring. Although I wrote articles since I was in my 30’s, I didn’t publish my first book until I was in my 40’s, and, although I’m not retired yet, I’m just really getting going now in my 50’s.

What are your hobbies besides writing?

Reading mostly, and on Fridays, I act like the retiree I’m supposed to be. I go to the local senior center and play cards.

Those are both good ways to relax.

Is there anything else you’d like readers of this blog to know about you and/or your books?

My stories are definitely character-driven. I love creating “people” (maybe I have a touch of a God complex 😉 ) and I try to make my characters interesting and realistic. I get good feedback about them from readers, so I must be fairly successful most of the time.

I also write character-driven stories.

Can you please share with us the buy links for your books and your social media links?

BUY LINKS for To Kill A Labrador







BUY LINKS for Arsenic and Young Lacy















Thanks so much for chatting with me today, Kassandra, and best of luck to you on your current and future books.



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Cover Reveal: Her Confession by S. Valentine


heronfession💛COVER REVEAL!💛 Her Confession, book #2 of The Black Door Trilogy is available for pre-order now!! 🎉💛

LOTS of drama, sizzling scenes & tests to Gabi & Darion’s relationship!

‪#‎HerConfession‬ ‪#‎TheBlackDoorTrilogy‬ ‪#‎Erotica‬ ‪#‎Romance‬ ‪#‎Books‬‪#‎eBook‬ ‪#‎Paperback‬ ‪#‎KU‬ ‪#‎KindleUnlimited‬

•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ 5 star reviews: ‘Darion Milano is kinkier & Badder than Mr.Grey.’ ‘A romance readers dream.’ ‘One of the best endings ever!’

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Author Spotlight: A.B. Funkhauser








Welcome to the Literary Library Lounge where I interview fellow authors. Today, I am chatting with  A.B. Funkhauser from Pickering, Ontario, Canada, just outside Toronto on the banks of mighty Lake Ontario.

How long have you been published? What titles have you published and with which publisher? Have you self-published any titles? Please give details.

A.B.1AB2HEUER LOST AND FOUND (April 23, 2015) Solstice Publishing
SCOOTER NATION (March 11, 2016) Solstice Publishing
 It has been an ongoing privilege to work with Solstice. It was through their amazing network of writers that I was able to screw up the courage to submit the Heuer manuscript in the first place.
 I have not self-published to date.
Congratulations, I signed with Solstice on August 1st. and am looking forward to having my third novel, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” published with them. My previous book, “A Stone’s Throw” was published by Limitless Publishing, and I self-published my first novel, “Cloudy Rainbow.”
Tell us a little bit about your books — what genre you write, if you write a series, any upcoming releases or your current work-in-progress. If you have an upcoming release, please specify the release date.
In addition to the two published novels, I have three others in the works: SHELL GAME told from the POV of a tabby cat with a recessive gene; THE HEUER EFFECT, which is a prequel to HEUER LOST AND FOUND; and, POOR UNDERTAKER, which traces the rise and fall of a family run funeral establishment from 1947 to 1975. All titles are joined by a theme “unapologetic lives” that allows characters to operate without filters. They say and do and get away with things we could never do in a civilized, ordered society; hence, the series: UNAPOLOGETIC LIVES.
It is more through the happy accident of high functioning eccentric characters that I write gonzo mortuary revenge fiction. Through it, subtext and nuance is as important as the scene set dressing. Everything on surface is questionable and the narrator is almost always unreliable. It’s so much fun!
I’m hoping to have SHELL GAME ready for submission by November, but as any complicated character will tell you, the novel isn’t done until the protagonist says so.
As a cat lover and author who also includes them in my writing, Shell Game sounds like something I would enjoy reading, and I agree with you completely that an author can’t finish a book unless the protagonist is ready for it to end.
Describe your goals as a writer. What do you hope to achieve in the next few years? What are you planning to do to reach these goals?
My goal is a straightforward one: get the words down and get them out for as long as the muse remains with me. Creating and promoting go hand in glove and I enjoy discussing process, characterization, subtext and blending genres almost as much as creating the books.
Perfect goals for any writer.
What type of reader are you hoping to attract?  Who do you believe would be most interested in reading your books?
My characters are multigenerational, multilingual, and with few exceptions, morally elastic. The line between protagonist and antagonist often dissolves and I ask a lot of questions. How did he get this way? Why doesn’t she love him? Why is it so difficult to tell the truth? A sense of humor, a desire to get inside the characters’ lives, and an eye on the “long view” probably goes a long way.
What advice would you give other authors or those still trying to get published?
Write. Keep writing. And never give up. And build your brand. Author and book are inseparable.
Great advice.
What particular challenges and struggles did you face before first becoming published?
Finding time to do what I wanted when I wanted and needed to. Time management helped with that. Also, I’ve enlisted the help of the teenagers. Today is vacuum the house day!
Lol. Yes, time management is often an issue with authors, especially those who have full-time jobs.  I like your idea of recruiting teenagers to help with the housework.
Have you taken any writing or publishing classes? If so, please provide information about them and if you feel they helped you further your professional skills.
I took a couple of courses with the Writescape Group through the Writers’ Community of Durham Region. Course leaders Ruth Walker and Gwynn Scheltema not only helped me out with hooks and arcs, but they also gave me the ‘thumbs up’ — that I had ‘something’ but that it needed work. That’s all I needed to jump in boots first and keep at it ’till I figured it all out.
Some authors swear by writer’s groups. We started one a few months ago, and participants have found a lot of benefit from it.
What are your hobbies and interests besides writing?
Anything outdoors. Anything with wheels and a four stroke engine. Great people … and the cat!
Cats, books, and authors naturally seem to go together.
What do you like most and least about being an author? What is your toughest challenge?
I never dwell on negatives, so if something bothers me I walk away. Cooling off is the best way to recharge and refocus. I write every day except weekends and holidays. Whether its new works, editing, tweeting, reviewing or blogging, it’s writing and I love that there is always so much to do. There are endless possibilities. The challenge, always, is figuring out which project comes next.
That’s the great thing about writing. The more you do it and the more types you do, the better you get and the more interests you discover.
Please list your social media links, website, blog, etc. so we can connect with you.
Thanks so much for the great interview, A.B. and best of luck with your upcoming books. I’ll keep an eye out for Shell Game.




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99-cent Weekend Sale Starts Today, August 19th, for A Stone’s Throw

stonesthrow99centsMy mystery romance, A Stone’s Throw, is on sale today and throughout the weekend for 99 cents. The sequel, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” is coming soon, so grab the first book now.

Widowed librarian Alicia Fairmont needs answers…

After her husband is killed in a hit and run accident, Alicia travels upstate to his hometown of Cobble Cove, New York, hoping to locate his estranged family and shed light on his mysterious past. Anticipating staying only a weekend, her visit is extended when she accepts a job at the town’s library.

Secrets stretch decades into the past…

Assisted by handsome newspaper publisher and aspiring novelist, John McKinney, Alicia discovers a connection between her absent in-laws and a secret John’s father has kept for over sixty years. But her investigation is interrupted when she receives word her house has burned and arson is suspected, sending her rushing back to Long Island, accompanied by John.

Back in Cobble Cove, cryptic clues are uncovered…

When Alicia returns, she finds a strange diary, confiscated letters, and a digital audio device containing a recording made the day her husband was killed. Anonymous notes warn Alicia to leave town, but she can’t turn her back on the mystery—or her attraction to John.

As the pieces begin to fall into place, evidence points to John’s involvement in her husband’s accident. The past and present threaten to collide, and Alicia confronts her fears…

Has she fallen in love with her husband’s killer?


Amazon U.S.: KINDLE:
Amazon Australia:
Amazon Canada:
Amazon U.K.:
Barnes and Noble:
Also available on iTunes and Ingram


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Announcing My Stories in Sci Fic, Fantasy, and Romance Anthologies

anthology1 anthology2I am proud to announce that my stories, “Deadline” and “The Path to Rainbow Bridge” have been accepted to be included in two anthologies being published on September 16th by Solstice Publishing.

“Deadline,” in the Project 9 Anthology, is a Sci Fic story with somewhat of a Twilight Zone theme. It tells the tale of Susan Shaffer, a student and Features editor of the college newspaper at fictional Brockton University. After falling out of her dorm bed one morning, Susan experiences some strange shifts in time and faces much confusion and fear until she discovers what is happening to her.

The Path to Rainbow Bridge” for the Realms of Fantastic Stories anthology is one that is close to my heart. It features a cast of cats, some of whom are based on my own deceased pets. When Tom the gatekeeper assigns Shadow to gather Kate’s fur family together because her elderly Siamese is scheduled to arrive on Rainbow Bridge the following day, Shadow is in for a special surprise.

If either or both of these stories sound interesting to you, look for their anthologies being released September 16 with other Sci Fic and Fantasy tales by Solstice authors.

Love Always Anthology Cover (1) anthologypicI have also self-published a historical romance, “The Seashell and the Stone” with 15 other authors, many of them from Limitless Publishing.

This anthology, Love, Always, is only available as a giveaway for my newsletter subscribers or as prizes for any of the Facebook events at which I offer it.

DeLouise Teaser


The Seashell and the Stone takes place in 19th-century Cape May, New Jersey where a young woman meets a traveler who has a secret that changes her life and that of her great granddaughter’s.

To subscribe to my newsletter, complete the pop-up form at my website or send your email address to with your request to subscribe.


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Author Spotlight: Jamie Lynn Boothe

authorspotlightWelcome to the Literary Library Lounge where I interview fellow authors. Today, I am chatting with  Jamie Lynn Booth from Connecticut.


Thanks for joining me, Jamie.  Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable.
I understand you’re a new author at Limitless Publishing and have a novel coming out with them in March. Can you tell me a bit about it and your writing?

I’m very excited about House of Refuge  and can’t wait for it to be out. At the moment I have two books out that I have self-published. The Journey and a short story collection called, Timeless Hope that I just released this past August 2nd. . What I love to write the most is Romance. What type of romance varies. I like to write suspense, Inspirational, and Contemporary but almost always romance. I have a novella trilogy though that has nothing to do with romance. It’s titled “The Journey” it is an intense fictional trilogy that’s intensely realistic about drug addiction and recovery. At the moment only the first is self-published on Amazon, but I’m currently revising the 2nd novella in the trilogy. I hope to release it around Halloween this year. I am currently with Limitless Publishing and they will be publishing my first Inspirational novel with them on March 21, 2017. I’m very excited about that. I have previous releases that aren’t available, Nightmares and Dreams and Dark Moments and Silver Linings that I want to get re-published once I have time to do it and I have many other projects in mind. A lot coming that’s for sure lol. 

Would you describe your goals as a writer to us?  What do you hope to achieve in the next few years? What are you planning to do to reach these goals?

My goals are as such…Get a major book deal, have my first NYTimes and USA Today Bestseller and have my books on bookshelves throughout the country and abroad. I have every intention of making that happen and I believe in myself. I know it will happen and it will happen by not only working hard for it through continuing to write and promoting and searching for the right agent/publisher that will push me towards it but also by never giving up and never stopping in my faith and belief that it will happen.

Awesome. I have a similar goal, and I agree that a positive attitude and perseverance is very important in trying to meet it.

What type of reader are you hoping to attract?  Who do you believe would be most interested in reading your books?

Ones who like to cry when they read lol. I believe that if I don’t touch my readers’ emotions I didn’t write anything worth reading. I want to attract readers who can relate on some level what I write. I write romance, but I also include social issues that millions can relate to.

Sounds impressive.

What advice would you give other authors or those still trying to get published?

NEVER give up! Never stop working toward your dream and Never stop writing. Don’t be afraid of rejection because it will happen. It’s guaranteed, but if you don’t stop, your dream will become a reality and always believe in what you do. That’s a must!

Excellent advice.

What particular challenges and struggles did you face before first becoming published?

Not knowing what challenges were ahead of me and financially mostly. I had to sacrifice certain things. I even went hungry a few times to pay for promotion or editing or formatting or for a cover. I’ve paid my dues and will pay more, but I’m willing.

Have you taken any writing or publishing classes? If so, please provide information about them and if you feel they helped you further your professional skills.

Amazingly, the only thing I have paid for is the Masterclass with James Patterson, lol. Mainly I learned from others and from mistakes.

I was actually thinking of taking that, but I agree that you pick up a lot from others and from the process of writing daily.

What hobbies and interests do you have besides writing?

I love art, listening to music, reading, watching a good movie from time to time when I can tear myself away from my work, an occasional nap, watching football and golf and right now the Olympics. I strongly desire to go to the beach, too, though.

All great ways to relax and take a break from writing.

What do you like most and least about being an author? What is your toughest challenge?

There are several things I love about being an author. But mostly I love creating a story that touches others emotions. To be able to form the words in a way that it will address certain social issues that many can relate to. When I hear back from a reader and they tell me how it touched them and gave them hope and inspiration, that’s something that truly makes my heart smile. I also love being able to escape in my books. It’s very therapeutic for me.

 My toughest challenge? Sometimes it’s fighting writers block. Unfortunately, I do get it from time to time and it has been known to last for weeks. Once I am able to tear that dark wall down though, it’s a beautiful feeling to be able to sit and have my fingers dance across the keyboard.

I, too, love it when I have positive feedback from readers and know my writing has touched them. I haven’t suffered writer’s block yet, but I can imagine it must be an unpleasant experience.

Can you please list your social media links, website, blog, etc. so readers can connect with you.

Thanks so much for the great interview, Jamie, and best of luck to you with your writing. I’m also sharing your brief bio below:

Jamie Lynn Boothe is laid back and was born and raised in the small town of Moneta, Virginia, currently residing in Torrington, Ct. however. Working a full-time job as he writes his works on fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a successful author.

Jamie Lynn enjoys the simple things in life such as good music, movies that make you laugh, cry, and afraid. He loves cats, eating good home-cooked southern food, art, traveling, nature, family and time with friends as well as time to himself.

Writing is his passion, and Jamie Lynn loves creating books that touch another person’s heart and soul. He has written three books so far. Nightmares and Dreams, a novel, the sequel…Dark Moments and Silver Linings and The Journey, a novella. He is currently with Limitless Publishing and will have his first Inspirational Romantic Suspense, House of Refuge, released on March 21, 2017 with them. He is currently working on two brand new Romance novels and has recently self-published a short story collection for Kindle on Amazon titled, Timeless Hope A Collection.

Jamie Lynn is currently single but hopes to find that special woman one day.




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New Release 99 cents Sale and Giveaway for Lindsay Detwiler’s “Where Love Went”

 lindsay#99 New Release Sale & Giveaway

Sometimes unexpected miracles can shift your life off course.
Where Love Went by Lindsay Detwiler is LIVE and only 99 cents!
‪#‎ChickLit‬ ‪#‎Giveaway‬ ‪#‎WLW_Release‬