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Spotlight For Drowning Lessons, A Red Frog Beach Mystery, by Rachel Neuburger Reynolds

Drowning Lessons
(A Red Frog Beach Mystery)
by Rachel Neuburger Reynolds

About the Book

Drowning Lessons (A Red Frog Beach Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Self-Published (May 21, 2019)
Number of Pages: ~290
Digital ASIN: B07PZRR8WC

You are cordially invited to a destination wedding to die for…

Welcome to Bocas del Toro, a remote chain of islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama. Five days of glorious sun and lush rainforest await the forty guests celebrating Bridezilla Olivia’s dream wedding—but will a murder sink the catered affair? Before anyone’s got time to start working on a tan, an unfortunate snorkeling accident eliminates a member of the wedding party. Maid of honor Lexie Marino smells trouble, and is thrust into the responsibility of investigating, needing to solve the case before her bestie’s trip down the aisle gets tropically derailed. The show must go on.

Lexie’s a little too tall, a little too awkward, and a little too brokenhearted, but she’s determined to nail the real killer. Can this unlikely sleuth stay afloat as she’s hit by wave after wave of wildly entertaining characters, including an alpha bride, surfing detectives, and a high school flame long forgotten? You’ll find yourself laughing until the very end of Drowning Lessons, a debut cozy mystery that makes the perfect beach read. Rub in some coconut oil, dangle your feet in the crystal-blue waters of Dolphin Bay, and sip a cool drink as Lexie discovers the deductive superpowers she never knew she had. Let the party begin!

About the Author

RACHEL NEUBURGER REYNOLDS is the author of The Red Frog Beach Mystery Series. As a playwright, her plays have had been produced in London, Edinburgh and New York. After 25-years in New York City, she now resides with her husband between London and St Leonards-on-Sea in England. For news about Rachel and the upcoming Red Frog Beach Mysteries, check her out at

Author Links

Webpage and blog:


Twitter: @rainyday11

Instagram: @rainydaywrites



Purchase Links

Amazon – Kindle


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Guest Post and Blog Tour for The Codebook Murders, An Oakwood Book Club Mystery, by Leslie Nagel

Why Do We Fall In Love With Fictional Characters?

Be honest. Somewhere in your past you met that special someone, your ideal mate, the perfect yin for your yang. Dreams of a blissful life together filled your nights—and possibly spilled into your days. Unfortunately, your love remained unrequited and unfulfilled, because this ideal partner, this paragon of beauty, strength, tenderness, humor, and intelligence, this heaven-sent love of your life, wasn’t real. He or she existed only in the pages of a book.

Don’t be embarrassed. This phenomenon is far more common than you think. And I’m not calling anyone out on this. In fact, I am just as guilty as the next person of constructing fantasy out of fiction. As a teenager, I had quite a thing for Joe Hardy. He was cute, smart, loyal, respected his dad, and solved mysteries. What’s not to love?

As a mystery author, I’ve continued to feed into that need. I created my main character’s love interest in the type I most lust after. Marcus Trenault actually has a lot in common with my husband. He’s tall and rangy, has blue eyes, loves children, classic rock, muscle cars, baseball, and junk food. Oh, my beating heart! Of course, Marc is also a homicide cop who’s not afraid to throw a fist or drive through a fruit stand in pursuit of a killer. Maybe I secretly long for a bit more danger in my life?!?

We agree that it happens. The question remains: WHY? After extensive and highly scientific research into this absorbing topic, I have determined four primary reasons for this phenomenon:

  1. We create our ideal fantasy. It’s easy to fall in love with someone if you are building that persona yourself. This is especially true if the author provides some “point of view” insights for your crush. You’ll feel as if you’re getting to know your favorite in a deep, personal way. Even more important, you have quite a bit of control over what they might look like. “Tall, black hair and blue eyes” is relatively specific, but it still gives you a lot of latitude for personal taste. In your head, you can twist a character on the page to be perfect for you, right down to their tone of voice and the scent of their aftershave.
  2. We don’t have to deal with these people in real life. We don’t have to put up with any of the myriad things that annoy us about actual physical, sweaty, imperfect human beings. That hot guy won’t leave towels on the floor, have bad breath, interrupt your stories, or dismiss your fear of spiders with a condescending eye roll. That sweet, sympathetic woman won’t have daddy issues, an annoying older sister, or a disturbing obsession with Instagramming every moment of your lives. And, of course, this means you get to skip the messy break-up. Who needs the drama?
  3. Often the character we crush on is the love interest of a main character. For that reason, the author puts a lot of effort into showing why the MC finds her/him so appealing. Best attributes will be dwelt upon, perhaps to the exclusion of obvious flaws. And isn’t that the definition of falling in love?
  4. Writers work hard to make their characters believable. They want to grip their readers, encouraging them to read their next book. After all, characters that the reader can connect to is one of the main requirements of a good story.If you’ve been sucked into a fictional world to the point where the inhabitants feel so much like real people that you’re having a genuine emotional response to them, then that author has done their job.

A word of caution. Indulging in a fantasy life can be a healthy thing, if enjoyed in moderation. Invisible friends enable shy, withdrawn, or lonely children to practice social skills and battle the blues. Many therapists encourage their patients to create a fictional “antagonist”, someone to whom they can verbalize their anger, fear and frustration without risking the fallout of a major fight with a loved one. It can be an effective way to process strong feelings safely.

Problems occur when the make believe starts to interfere with the real. If you begin to cut yourself off from real relationships, missing opportunities for genuine connections to another person, then you’ve sunk too far into the fantasy realm. Waking up from the dream isn’t always easy, either. Your best bet is to keep one eye open. Don’t let your fictional crush take over your life.

In the end, and despite whatever logic tells us, we will continue to fall deeply, hopelessly, but willingly in love with our favorite characters. Whatever the reason for your next crush, here’s wishing you a happily ever after.

The Codebook Murders:
The Oakwood Book Club Mystery Series
by Leslie Nagel

About the Book

The Codebook Murders: The Oakwood Book Club Mystery Series
Cozy Mystery
4th in Series
Alibi (May 21, 2019)
Print Length: 250 pages

Amateur sleuth Charley Carpenter discovers a coded journal that could crack her small town’s most infamous cold case wide open in this charming cozy mystery from the USA Today bestselling author of The Book Club Murders.

As the owner of Old Hat Vintage Fashions, Charley Carpenter supplies retro apparel to the residents of Oakwood, Ohio, but she’s been known to set business aside to play detective when a mystery rears its head. And there’s no bigger mystery in Oakwood than the murder of Regan Fletcher—a case that’s haunted the town for decades.

Regan’s boyfriend, Carter, did time for the crime—until another man’s confession freed him. But did the “real killer” really do it? Or did Carter walk away with blood on his hands? When Charley stumbles on an old journal written in code, it only complicates the case by revealing a blackmail scheme that targeted dozens of Oakwood’s citizens, giving them all a motive for murder.

Now, with a spate of new suspects to pursue, plus a fresh murder and the abduction of her sleuthing partner, Charley must dig deeper still into the past—even as she risks being buried by her shadowy prey. Joining forces with Detective Marcus Trenault and the newly formed Oakwood Mystery Book Club, Charley turns to a classic whodunit for clues on catching a killer—before more lives are lost, and the truth dies with them.

Leslie Nagel’s delightful Oakwood Mystery novels can be enjoyed together or separately:

About the Author

About The Author

Leslie Nagel is a writer and teacher of writing at a local community college. Her debut novel, “The Book Club Murders”, is the first in the Oakwood Mystery Series. Leslie lives in the all too real city of Oakwood, Ohio, where murders are rare but great stories lie thick on the ground. After the written word, her passions include her husband, her son, and daughter, hiking, tennis and strong black coffee, not necessarily in that order.Author Links

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Purchase Links

Amazon B&NKoboGoogle Play


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Spotlight For Caught Up In It, A Blu Carraway Mystery, by David Burnsworth

Caught Up in It
(Blu Carraway Mystery)
by David Burnsworth

About the Book

Caught Up in It (Blu Carraway Mystery)
Hard-Boiled Mystery
3rd in Series
Henery Press (April 23, 2019)
Hardcover: 286 pages
ISBN-10: 1635114780
ISBN-13: 978-1635114782
Digital ASIN: B07N7LW9WS

The award-winning diva, C, has got a big problem: someone wants her dead. A team of mercenaries attempts to gun her down in Kuala Lumpur. Lucky for her, Lowcountry Private Investigator, Blu Carraway, is already on the job there for a different client.

Double-lucky for C, they make their move when she’s chit-chatting with him in a bar. Unlucky for the mercenaries, four of them end up dead.

The hunt is on now for the mega-pop star. Where does she go to hide out? The sleepy islands around Charleston, South Carolina—Blu’s backyard. He’s already proven himself once, so C hires the Blu Carraway Investigation Agency to protect her for real.

The job takes Blu halfway around the world and several cities in between. The search for the truth reveals what could drive a person to want someone else dead.

And Blu Carraway ends up right in the way.

About the Author

David Burnsworth became fascinated with the Deep South at a young age. After a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee and fifteen years in the corporate world, he made the decision to write a novel. He is the author of both the Brack Pelton and the Blu Carraway Mystery Series. Having lived in Charleston on Sullivan’s Island for five years, the setting was a foregone conclusion. He and his wife call South Carolina home.

Author Links

Website Facebook Twitter GoodReads

Purchase Links – AmazonB&NKobo

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A “Beautiful” Day in New York City

My friends and I outside the Stephen Sondheim Theater where we saw Beautiful. Right to left: Jenny Pohl, Lauren Artus, me, and Vicki Maxey. (Photo by Dawn De Louise Banks)

Over the Memorial Day weekend, my friends, sister-in-law, and I attended the Broadway musical, Beautiful, featuring the music and story of Carole King. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the show which has been running on Broadway since 2014. I’m glad I finally had a chance to see it for several reasons.

Me “singing” inside the theater’s photo-op of Carole King’s music studio. (photo by Dawn De Louise Banks)

The main reason is that Carole’s music represented to me a time in my life where I was learning about myself and the world around me. It was an era when there were no cell phones or streaming audio and video. Kids played in the street, read comic books, and the only threat of violence was in a faraway place known at Vietnam.  In 1971, I had my first innocent kiss by a boy whom I thought I’d marry when we grew up. Since distance separated us, “So Far Away,” was a song that reminded me of the pain of being apart. I still have the album Tapestry up in my attic with my other treasured LP’s. When I danced to Carole’s music in my family’s basement in the house where I no longer live, I sprained my knee to “I Feel the Earth Move.” That didn’t stop my love of that song. Hearing it again and watching the show brought back memories of the 70’s and my youth. I believe it did that for everyone in the audience.

Me and my sister-in-law Dawn who also attended the show. Dawn is a singer and musician with Breaking Dawn Acoustics. (photo by Vicki Maxey)

Another reason I’m glad I saw Beautiful is because I enjoyed learning about how Carole and other songwriters and musicians of that period got started, their struggles and determination to succeed. The lyrics to Beautiful, the song that inspired the title of the musical, begins with “You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart. Then people gonna treat you better. You’re gonna find, yes you will, that you’re beautiful as you feel.” As an author who is also in a creative field that is very competitive and yet can be so rewarding, those lyrics make a lot of sense to me. I believe they also do to my sister-in-law who has her own band and performs with Breaking Dawn Acoustic all over Long Island.

Besides the song lyrics, there were several lines spoken in the show that also touched me. One in particular was the line that the performer portraying Carole said at the beginning that “Sometimes you don’t always get what you want in  life; but when you don’t, you get something beautiful.” That was my theme in the first book of my Cobble Cove mystery series, “A Stone’s Throw,” that everything happens for a reason, and I’ve seen it over and over again in my own life and have continued to feature that theme in all my books.

There are many definitions of beautiful. It doesn’t only apply to looks. Everyone has their own opinion of what constitutes beauty. To me, the show Beautiful was beautiful and so was Carole King and her music. Have you seen the show? Why did you go? What memories does Carole King’s music bring to your mind? I’d love to read your comments.

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Recipe and Spotlight for For Murder by the Sea, A By The Sea Mystery, by Kathleen Bridge


(Chef Pierre is a character in the books)

Classic Desserts with a French Twist from the Chef Pierre Montague Cookbook

Chocolate Mousse

Serves 8

  • 8 oz. semisweet chocolate, chopped
  • 1 tsp. instant espresso or instant coffee
  • 2 c. chilled heavy cream

Put chocolate and espresso in a bowl that fits into a saucepan. Take a water-filled pan and put bowl inside it. Bowl cannot touch the water. Over medium heat, melt the chocolate/espresso, about 5 minutes (water should

simmer, not boil). Remove from heat and set aside. In large bowl, beat cream on medium speed until slightly thickened (30 seconds). Add chocolate mixture, beat another minute until soft peaks form. Spoon mixture into 8 serving cups or glasses (I prefer sundae glasses). Chill until ready to serve.

Alternatively, chill in 1 bowl, pass at table, and have guests serve themselves.

Optional: Top with whipped cream.

Murder by the Sea
(A By the Sea Mystery)
by Kathleen Bridge

About the Book

Murder by the Sea (A By the Sea Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Kensington Publishing Corporation (May 21, 2019)
Paperback: 204 pages
ISBN-10: 1516105257
ISBN-13: 978-1516105250
Digital ASIN: B07GV1CM3G

When a murderer crashes a masquerade ball, it’s up to Liz to unmask the killer . . .

It’s been quite a year for novelist Liz Holt. She’s overcome a lot and is finally feeling at peace with her new life at her family’s hotel, the Indialantic by the Sea, on the beautiful barrier island of Melbourne Beach, Florida. She’s exactly where she needs to be to ring in the New Year at the Florida Writes Literary Masquerade Ball.

But when her ex-boyfriend surprises her at the ball, she can’t disguise her anger, and the two engage in a very public argument. Naturally, after her ex is found dead on the hotel grounds, shot through the heart, Liz tops the suspect list. With the help of family and friends, she needs to clear her name before the real killer waltzes away scot-free . . .

Recipes included!

About the Author

Kathleen Bridge started her writing career working at the State News, the student newspaper of Michigan State University. She is an antiques dealer on Long Island and the author and photographer of an antique reference guide, Lithographed Paper Toys, Books, and Games.

Author Links:

Website –


Facebook –

Pinterest –

GoodReads –

Purchase Links

AmazonB&NKoboGoogle Play

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Spotlight For Deep Past by Eugene Linden

Deep Past: A Novel
by Eugene Linden

About the Book

Deep Past: A Novel
RosettaBooks (May 14, 2019)
Hardcover: 336 pages
ISBN-10: 1948122375
ISBN-13: 978-1948122375
Digital ASIN: B07PMF4Y17

If nature could invent intelligence of our scale in a blink of geologic time, who’s to say it hasn’t been done before…

A routine dig in Kazakhstan takes a radical turn for thirty-two-year-old anthropologist Claire Knowland when a stranger turns up at the site with a bizarre find from a remote section of the desolate Kazakh Steppe. Her initial skepticism of this mysterious discovery gives way to a realization that the find will shake the very foundations of our understanding of evolution and intelligence.

Corrupt politics of Kazakhstan force Claire to take reckless chances with the discovery. Among the allies she gathers in her fight to save herself and bring the discovery to light is Sergei Anachev, a brilliant but enigmatic Russian geologist who becomes her unlikely protector even as he deals with his own unknown crisis.

Ultimately, Claire finds herself fighting not just for the discovery and her academic reputation, but for her very life as great power conflict engulfs the unstable region and an unscrupulous oligarch attempts to take advantage of the chaos.

Drawing on Eugene Linden’s celebrated non-fiction investigations into what makes humans different from other species, this international thriller mixes fact and the fantastical, the realities of academic politics, and high stakes geopolitics—engaging the reader every step of the way.

About the Author

Eugene Linden is an award-winning journalist and author on science, nature, and the environment. Deep Past draws on his long career in non-fiction as the author of ten books, including his celebrated works on animal intelligence and climate change: Apes, Men, and Language, the New York Times “Notable Book” Silent Partners, and the bestselling The Parrot’s Lament. His book, Winds of Change, which explored the connection between climate change and the rise and fall of civilizations, was awarded the Grantham Prize Special Award of Merit. For many years, Linden wrote about nature and global environmental issues for TIME where he garnered several awards including the American Geophysical Union’s Walter Sullivan Award. He has also contributed to the New York Times, Foreign Affairs, and National Geographic, among many other publications.

Author Link

Website –

Purchase Links – AmazonB&NRosetta Books

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Author Spotlight of Kate Young, Author of Southern Sass and Killer Cravings, A Marygene Brown Mystery

I’m pleased to have author Kate Young from Cartersville, Georgia here to chat about her writing and her cozy mystery, Southern Sass and Killer Cravings that’s on blog tour with Escape with Dollycas into a Good Book.

Nice to have you here, Grace. How long have you been published? What titles and/or series have you published and with which publisher: Have you self-published any titles? Please give details.

This will be my first traditionally published series. Southern Sass and Killer Cravings the first in the Marygene Brown Mystery series is published by Kensington Publishing Corp. and is releasing May 28, 2019.

Congratulations! Have you self-published any titles? Please give details.

I’ve self-published 16 fantasy/romance novels. The commonality in all my work including Southern Sass and Killer Cravings is that I write novels with strong female leads with a dash of humor.

Sounds great. Tell us a little bit about your books.

I write the Marygene Brown Mystery Series about a Southern belle foodie, Marygene Brown, who is haunted by her mother’s spirit, making her a magnet for murder and mayhem. Marygene discovers that her sleuthing grit is her saving grace. Southern Sass and Killer Cravings is releasing on May 28, 2019. Book 2 Southern Sass and A Crispy Corpse is with my editor and my current WIP is book 3, Southern Sass and A Battered Bride.

Very nice. They sound wonderful. Please describe your goals as a writer. What do you hope to achieve in the next few years?

My goal as a writer is to give readers a chance to escape, relax, and be entertained with a good chuckle or two. I also hope to continue the Marygene Brown Series. I love Marygene and the Peach Cove gang! Along with Southern Sass, I’m always working on other proposals for more stories that I hope will see the light of day.

Peach Cove sounds like the southern version of my upstate New York Cobble Cove where my series takes place.

What are you planning to do to reach these goals?

Just keep writing.

A perfect goal.

What type of reader are you hoping to attract, and who do you believe would be most interested in reading your books?

Anyone who enjoys Southern culinary mysteries with a twist of supernatural will enjoy my cozy series. Anyone who enjoys a good whodunnit will enjoy Marygene’s escapades.

I’m sure you will attract a large group of readers.

What advice would you give other authors or those still trying to get published?

Never stop writing and never give up.

That says it all. I’m still working towards being traditionally published.

What particular challenges and struggles did you face before first becoming published?

I suppose the transition from being an indie author to a traditionally published author. That meant I needed an agent. Securing the right one proved to be daunting process, but so worth the effort. I had to learn to become comfortable with rejection (not an easy task) until I finally signed with the right fit.

I can certainly identify with that, as I’m sure many readers of this blog will.

Do you belong to any writing groups? Which ones?

I belong to Sisters in Crime and the Guppy Chapter. I’ve learned so much from this wonderful organization and highly recommend joining to any mystery author.

I second that, as I’m also a member of this same great group.

What are your hobbies and interests besides writing?

I love to cook, read, and travel.

Great pasttimes for an author.

What do you like most and least about being an author?

I love the writing. The toughest challenge by far is marketing. Finding the correct advertisement channels can be a challenge with so many amazing titles on the market.

Those feelings are shared by many authors including myself.

What do you like about writing cozy mysteries?

I love the charming settings, the wonderous islands, the picturesque towns with hosts of shops and diners you wish you could visit. The warm characters that by the end of the story they feel like our closest friends, or we wish they could be. And then there’s the mystery, the gripping mystery that keeps us guessing write up till the very end. There’s something satisfying about solving a crime along with your favorite amateur sleuth. And it thrills me to be able to write and join the delightful genre with the Marygene Brown Mystery Series.

I agree completely. Cozy mysteries are a delightful genre to write and also read.

Can you share a short excerpt from your latest title or upcoming release?

“Wake up!” Mama shouted at my ear.

“I’m tired,” I groaned, rolled over, and pulled the blankets over my head.

“Marygene Francis Brown, I’m not telling you again,” Mama said.

I jolted upright, suddenly aware my mama meant business. Wait a minute, Mama was dead. I rubbed my face with my hand, feeling the grittiness of dried mascara. “Lord help me, what a nightmare.” Mama was about to bless me out for something or another. In her mind, I had always been guilty of something.

“This isn’t a dream child,” Mama flipped on the lamp next to her. She was sitting in the beige Queen Anne chair across the room, wearing her yellow dress with white daisies and matching yellow belt. Her brown hair was curled and styled closed to her head like she always wore it.

 “I see I have your attention.”

I didn’t speak, completely amazed with how vivid this dream was.

“I don’t have much time, so I’ll be brief.” That was Mama all right. She was efficient. “There’s going to be a murder at the diner tomorrow.” She leaned forward. “Close for the day.”

“What? Close the diner?” I covered a yawn with my hand. Am I really seeing this?

“Listen to me, young lady! Neither you nor your sister needs to go to work tomorrow.” She faded away.

I hard blinked and stared at the empty chair.

Excellent. Thank you for sharing that intriguing excerpt.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about you or your books?

Hmm, well an interesting tidbit that Marygene Brown and I have in common is that we both bake when we’re stressed.

It’s always fun to share something in common with your protagonist. I know I share a few habits with Alicia, who is a librarian like me.

Thanks so much for the interview, Kate, and I’m sharing your blog tour below. Best wishes on your new release and series.

Southern Sass and Killer Cravings
(Marygene Brown Mysteries)
by Kate Young

About the Book

Southern Sass and Killer Cravings (Marygene Brown Mysteries)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Kensington (May 28, 2019)
Mass Market Paperback: 368 pages
ISBN-10: 1496721454
ISBN-13: 978-1496721457
Digital ASIN: B07H1VWGBS

Life has always been sweet on Georgia’s Peach Cove Island, but a case of murder has Marygene Brown down in the pits . . .

For generations, the women of the Brown family on Peach Cove Island have been known for their Southern sass and sweet homemade desserts at their beloved Peach Diner. Since their mother’s passing two years ago, Marygene has been stuck in Atlanta while her sister Jena Lynn has been running the family business. Now Marygene has left her husband and returned to her hometown, where she can almost feel Mama’s presence.

But all is not peachy back home. Marygene has barely tied on an apron when a diner regular drops dead at the counter. When it turns out the old man’s been poisoned, Jena Lynn is led away in handcuffs and the family eatery is closed. Now, to save her sister and the diner, Marygene must find the real killer. With some startling assistance from her Mama’s spirit, Marygene will be serving up a special order of just desserts . . .

Includes Seven Recipes from Marygene’s Kitchen!

The author is hosting a pre-order giveaway!

About the Author

Kate Young writes humorous southern mystery novels. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and the Guppy Chapter. Kate lives in a small town in Georgia with her husband, three kids, and Shih Tzu. When she is not writing her own books, she’s reading or cooking.

Author Links

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May 18 – Baroness’ Book Trove – REVIEW

May 18 – Moonlight Rendezvous – REVIEW

May 18 – A Blue Million Books – AUTHOR INTERVIEW

May 18 – View from the Birdhouse – SPOTLIGHT

May 18 – fundinmental – SPOTLIGHT

May 19 – LibriAmoriMiei – REVIEW

May 19 – Cozy Up With Kathy – REVIEW

May 19 – Cinnamon, Sugar, and a Little Bit of Murder – REVIEW, RECIPE POST WITH PICTURES

May 19 – Babs Book Bistro – REVIEW

May 20 – The Power of Words – REVIEW

May 20 – The Avid Reader – REVIEW


May 20 – The Pulp and Mystery Shelf – SPOTLIGHT

May 21 – StoreyBook Reviews – REVIEW

May 21 – Bibliophile Reviews – REVIEW

May 21 – Ruff Drafts – AUTHOR INTERVIEW

May 21 – Books Direct – SPOTLIGHT

May 22 – Reading Is My SuperPower – REVIEW

May 22 – Lisa Ks Book Reviews – REVIEW

May 22 – 4covert2overt ☼ A Place In The Spotlight ☼ – SPOTLIGHT

May 22 – Read Your Writes Book Reviews – RECIPE POST WITH PICTURES

May 23 – Socrates Book Reviews – REVIEW

May 23 – MJB Reviewers – REVIEW

May 23 – ❧Defining Ways❧ – RECIPE POST WITH PICTURES

May 23 – Island Confidential – SPOTLIGHT

May 24 – Christa Reads and Writes – REVIEW

May 24 – The Book’s the Thing – REVIEW


May 24 – Moonlight Rendezvous – REVIEW

May 24 – Elizabeth McKenna Romance Author – SPOTLIGHT

May 25 – Cassidy’s Bookshelves – REVIEW

May 25 – A Wytch’s Book Review Blog – REVIEW

May 25 – The Book Diva’s Reads – SPOTLIGHT

May 25 – Celticlady’s Reviews – SPOTLIGHT

May 26 – Melina’s Book Blog – REVIEW

May 26 – The Book Decoder – REVIEW

May 26 – Readeropolis – SPOTLIGHT

May 26 – That’s What She’s Reading – SPOTLIGHT

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