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Author Spotlight Jennifer Allis Provost

authorspotlightWelcome to the Limitless Library Lounge where I interview fellow authors from Limitless Publishing. Today, I am chatting with  Jennifer Allis Provost from Springfield, Massachusetts.



Thanks for joining me, Jennifer.  Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable.
I understand you have a novel that is just being released by Limitless today. Can you give me some details about it and the series it is part of?

Changing teams EbookChangingScenes_frontMy first Limitless title, Changing Teams, was released November 10, 2015. The sequel, Changing Scenes, releases  today, January 5, 2016. There will be two more in the series, Changing Fate and Changing Dates, release dates TBD.

My series with Limitless is contemporary romance—however, I wouldn’t call myself a romance writer. I’ve also got an urban fantasy series published through Spencer Hill Press called the Copper Legacy. Copper Girl and Copper Ravens are out now, and Copper Veins will release May 3, 2016. I’ve also got an epic fantasy series out, with the first installment, Heir to the Sun, available now. The sequel, The Virgin Queen, is being finalized as we speak—stay tuned for a release date! I also have short fiction in several anthologies. Check out my website for more specifics.

Wow! You certainly sound like you have a lot of writing going on. Can you tell us a little bit more about your books?

Since this is the Limitless Lounge, let’s talk about the Changes series. The first book is all about Sam and Britt, and a rather large secret Sam is hiding. Like, elephant in the room large. Britt thinks she’s found everything she’s ever wanted in Sam. Then the cat’s out of the bag, and she wonders if she can ever trust him again.

The second book, Changing Scenes, follows Britt’s best friend Astrid. She’s a world-renowned model used to fabulous parties and wearing shoes that cost more than her rent. When she meets a small-town chef named Donnie, she realizes that image isn’t everything. But how will Donnie ever fit into her life, and she in his?

Would you describe your goals as a writer to us. What do you hope to achieve in the next few years? What are you planning to do to reach these goals?

It’s funny you should ask this, since I’m currently transitioning away from my career of the past fifteen years into a more creative field. I spent quite a lot of time—too much—trying to be a grown up, and in early 2015 I decided that I just wasn’t going to spend my days as a cubicle monkey. So I decided to take the plunge and earn my MFA, which will be complete in 2017. With that, I’ll be able to take on more adjunct teaching positions (I already teach marketing and writing workshops) to supplement my writing income. I’ve also built up a small backlist, and I’m set to release five, possibly six books in 2016, and at least one short story. To sum up, my goal is to leave the cubicle farm behind by 2017. Nope, not ambitious at all.

Congratulations on your upcoming degree, and best of luck with all your “unambitious” plans – lol.

What type of reader are you hoping to attract?  Who do you believe would be most interested in reading your books?

Anyone who appreciates complex relationships, romance, and a bit of adventure will enjoy my books. Even my contemporary romances have adventure. After all, what’s more adventurous than love?

That’s so true. I think my books tend toward mystery, but I always think the romantic touches add something no matter what genre you write.

What advice would you give other authors or those still trying to get published?

Get out and network. Follow writers on Twitter, join a book group, hang out at your local libraries and bookstores, and talk to people. If you can, attend some writing conferences, especially those where you can pitch agents and editors directly and get feedback on your work. By and large writers are very supportive, and the advice you’ll get from them will be priceless.

I like that advice especially the part about going to libraries since I’m a librarian, but I also agree it’s great to have the feedback and support of fellow writers.

What hobbies and interests do you have besides writing?

Does drinking coffee count as a hobby? Wait, that’s more life support. I have five year old twins, so you could say that I enjoy ferrying them around and peace and quiet.

Oh, my gosh. How do you do it? I have an 11-year old, so now that she spends so much time in her private space, I have more time to write.  I guess that explains your answer about drinking coffee.

What do you like most and least about being an author? What is your toughest challenge?

My toughest challenge right now is balancing the work I want to do—writing—with my day job. Hence the exit plan described above.

Makes sense. My work compliments my writing, but it’s hard to manage both at the same time. I’d love to write full-time, but I can’t give up my day job just yet. My dream is that, by the time I retire, I have built up my writing and fan base enough to do it full time.

Can you please list your social media links, website, blog, etc. so readers can connect with you.


Twitter: @parthalan



Thanks for the interview. It was very nice to talk with you in the Limitless Library Lounge today, and I wish you the best with your your new release and those that follow.






I'm a retired librarian and the author of the Cobble Cove and Buttercup Bend cozy mystery series and other novels, short stories, poems, articles, and a novella. My books include CLOUDY RAINBOW, REASON TO DIE, SEA SCOPE, MEMORY MAKERS, TIME'S RELATIVE, MEOWS AND PURRS, and MEMORIES AND MEOWS. My Cobble Cove cozy mystery series published by Solstice Publishing consists of 6 books: A STONE'S THROW, BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE, WRITTEN IN STONE, LOVE ON THE ROCKS, NO GRAVESTONE UNTURNED, and SNEAKY'S SUPERNATURAL MYSTERY AND OTHER COBBLE COVE STORIES. My new Buttercup Bend series published by Next Chapter Publishing includes THE CASE OF THE CAT CRAZY LADY and THE CASE OF THE PARROT LOVING PROFESSOR. I've also written a romantic comedy novella, WHEN JACK TRUMPS ACE, and short stories of various genres published as eBooks and in anthologies published by the Red Penguin Collection. My poetry appears in the Nassau County Voices in Verse and the Bard's Annual. I'm a member of Sisters-in-Crime, International Thriller Writers, and the Cat Writers' Association. I live on Long Island with my husband, daughter, and 2 cats.

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