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Author Spotlight Michelle Jo Quinn

authorspotlightWelcome to the Limitless Library Lounge where I interview fellow authors from Limitless Publishing. Today, I am chatting with  Michelle Rodriguez (pen name Michelle Jo Quinn) from Ontario, Canada.



Thanks for joining me, Michelle.  Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable.
I understand you have a novel that is just being released by Limitless today. Can you give me some details about it?


I signed with LP in October, My debut novel, Harley will be released Jan 19, 2016. Most of my other (early drafts) works can be read for free on Wattpad.

How exciting. Can you tell us a little bit more about your books?

So far, I only write Romance, Contemporary Romance to be specific.  I have written three series: Bliss Series, West Coast Rock Stars, and Red Ink Series.  At any given time, I am working at a number of WiP.  It’s how I stay sane.  My debut novel, Harley (Book One of West Coast Rock Stars), is being released by Limitless Publishing today, Jan 19, 2016.

Would you describe your goals as a writer to us. What do you hope to achieve in the next few years? What are you planning to do to reach these goals?

My goal is to first and foremost, entertain.  Beyond that is the proverbial cherry on top.  I hope to finish all my current projects in 2016, as well as turn one of them into a screenplay.  I will always be seen with a calendar or agenda in my hands to stay on top of things, goals.  Also, I would love to research more locations for book inspirations by travelling more.  Two of my most favourites are books and travel!  Why not put them together?

Great plans. Books and travel are definitely a great combination, almost as good as books and cats – lol. Sorry, I just happen to be partial to felines especially when I can include them in my books. Your goals sound quite worthy. Good luck with them.

Thanks, Debbie.

What type of reader are you hoping to attract?  Who do you believe would be most interested in reading your books?

Women and men of all ages!  Of course, this depends on which book we are referring to.  Some of my works are for 18+ audience.  If you love romance, pure, simple love, and the challenges the heroes and heroines face to conquer it, then my books are for you.

Sounds like your novels have wide appeal.

What advice would you give other authors or those still trying to get published?

Keep writing and never give up on a dream!  But also, be willing to learn, accept constructive criticisms and challenge yourselves!

Excellent advice.

What hobbies and interests do you have besides writing?

I love to read books.  Travelling and trying out good food can be quite adventurous, and I am trying to master them.  I stay healthy by doing yoga, and I run when it’s not freezing.  Apart from that, I am with my husband and kids.


What do you like most and least about being an author? What is your toughest challenge?

I often get distracted by other story ideas, or characters.  I am a pantser-plotter.  Most of the time, I start writing without any structured plotting beforehand.  Halfway through, I begin to plot.  I wish that I am better organized than I am now with writing.  One day, I will write a fully plotted novel. 

You sound like me – lol. I was totally a pantster when I wrote A STONE’S THROW, but somehow I ended up adding a twist that people tell me that didn’t see coming (maybe because I didn’t see it coming either – lol). For the sequel, I created a flexible plot outline but am still allowing myself a bit of pantsing. I find there are pluses and minuses to both writing styles.

Can you please list your social media links, website, blog, etc. so readers can connect with you. (page)

Thanks for visiting the Limitless Library Lounge today, Michelle, and I wish you the best with your your new release and those that follow.




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Author Spotlight Natalina Reis

authorspotlightWelcome to the Limitless Library Lounge where I interview fellow authors from Limitless Publishing. Today, I am chatting with Natalina Bell (pen name Natalina Reis) from Woodbridge, Virginia.



Thanks for joining me, Natalina.  Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable.
I understand you have a novel that is just being released by Limitless tomorrow, January 19th. Can you give me some details about it and any of your other works?

WWAHTC CoverI am brand new to Limitless. This is my first book published with them or ever. My soon to be released novel (January 19) is a standalone romance, titled We Will Always Have the Closet. I am currently working on a speculative novel titled The Jewel which I am very excited about.

That’s great. It’s important to have writing goals. Can you describe yours to us in further detail? What do you hope to achieve in the next few years? What are you planning to do to reach these goals?

WWAHTC Teaser 3 (1)I want to write stories that are well written and entertaining. I want to provide the reader with a dream, a brain vacation, a vision of what could be. I have been writing all my life and being published is a life dream coming true. I hope my writing evolves and that my stories bring as much joy to the readers as they bring me as a writer.

That’s awesome, Natalina. I have very similar goals and have also been writing since childhood. A STONE’S THROW was my first traditionally published novel. I self-published my first novel, CLOUDY RAINBOW in 2008 and then took some time off to concentrate on my work as a librarian and mom, but now I’ve been inspired to keep writing and have already finished a sequel that I hope to publish soon. I absolutely love your term “brain vacation.” I feel that most fiction readers want an escape that provides them with entertainment and relaxation. It’s not that they want to stop thinking, but they want to have a more enjoyable focus away from their day-to-day routines.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your upcoming book or your writing in general?

My upcoming book is a romance that puts more emphasis on romance and less on the physical side of things. Since I love mysteries I have written a bit of that into the story as well. I find it almost impossible to write anything without at least a touch of romance.

That sounds very much like my book, Natalina. Some people have considered my romantic suspense a cozy because I don’t feature any explicit sex either, and I know what you mean that romance is important in a book. Most people enjoy reading romances and mysteries. I like to think that I combine both in mine, and it sounds like you do, as well.

What advice would you give other authors or those still trying to get published?

Stick to it no matter how many times you get rejected. It took me years and I can hardly believe it’s finally happening. Keep writing, sharpening your skills as a writer, exploring where your stories can take you. Also, join a good non-judgmental writing group. My women’s writing group has been a treasure of resources, critique, support and ideas.

Great suggestions. I agree with all of them. Determination is a very important quality for an author to develop, and writing groups can be extremely helpful. We are planning to start one in March at my library as many patrons have shown an interest (I think my book spurred them to start asking). One of our regular patrons who is 90 years old and is doing well mentally and physically is one of the biggest requesters. He has shared with me parts of the legal thriller he is writing. It’s wonderful that someone of that age is interested in publishing.

Besides writing, do you have any other hobbies or interests?

I love reading, music, art, and dancing. But I also love movies, good television, knitting and COFFEE! I am also a linguist who speaks five different languages and really hopes to learn at least one non-Latin alphabetic language before I die.

Five languages? That’s incredible. I wish I’d kept up my college Spanish. I was an A student. Our library has a database that features many languages that can be studied online at home. I wish I had the time to take advantage of it. It sounds like you have a nice variety of interests.

What do you like most and least about being an author? What is your toughest challenge?

I love that writing gives me such a freedom to dream and have an excuse to go into all these fictional worlds without feeling I am totally crazy. But being an author can be also very isolating. People who do not write don’t quite understand the magic of the art you are often left alone with no-one to share your passion. My toughest challenge as a writer is time. I am a full time teacher and I often have a lot of trouble carving time to write. I often walk around for hours with this insane desire to write, a great idea in my head and not a minute to sit down and actually do it.

I have the same issue, Natalina. I work full-time as a librarian. I’ve made it a habit to write an hour each morning before I go to work and that seems to help somewhat. I wish I had more time to devote to it but between work, keeping up with social media, my family, etc. it’s very tough. I know others have this same challenge.


Can you please list your social media links, website, blog, etc. so readers can connect with you.

Facebook author page



Pinterest (my book’s storyboard where you can find teasers and the blurb for my novel)

Wonderful! Thanks for being a guest in the Limitless Library Lounge today, and I wish you much luck with your new release and those that follow.




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Cover Reveal for His Confession by Sophia Valentine

coverhisconfession2Coming FEB. 16th from @limitlessbooks – #HisConfession by @SophiaVAuthor

★ ★ #CoverReveal ★ ★
HIS CONFESSION by S. Valentine
The Black Door Trilogy, #1 – #EroticRomance
TOJ Publishing Services:

★ ★ SYNOPSIS ★ ★
When Gabriella Woods finds matches from a gentlemen’s club in her fiancé’s pocket, her suspicions require a search for answers.

At the club, she realizes it’s not her fiancé’s fidelity that can’t be trusted…

It’s her own.


Darion Milano is daring, intriguing, and unpredictable…

Unable to get him out of her head—and against Darion’s explicit warning—

Gabi begins a torrid affair. No longer fighting the urge to enter the depth of his dark and mysterious lifestyle, she indulges in his most intimate desires.

They become the most exciting, wild, infatuated couple everybody knows.

Until his confession changes everything…

Her heart is telling her to stay.

Her instinct is telling her to run.

She can never match his outrageous ex-wife and become the fun, fearless woman he craves…

Or can she?

coverhisconfession3Discover a world of sex, secrets, and seduction.


“His Confession was a surprisingly engaging read with believable characters who were easy to connect with. It dealt with subjects a little different to what I’m used to, but the author did a great job of pulling me into her world.” – Mia Hoddell, YA/NA author.

coverhisconfession4”His Confession pulled me through from the first paragraph! The enigmatic Darion practically leapt off the pages and I could picture his every move and facial expression clear as day in my head! This story is definitely one to add to your “want-to-read” list-especially if you love a captivating plot as well as scenes so hot that they fog up your glasses. I don’t want to say too much and spoil it for future readers but DARION and GABI put Christian and Ana to SHAME! Enough said. LOL.” – Kiarra M. Taylor, contemporary romance author of THE QUARTER CHANGE.

”I loved it and I’m excited to read more to find out what happens. Darion is a great guy who was hurt badly and doesn’t know how to handle, which in steps Gabi. Love love love her! Hopefully she fights for him! When does the next book come out, as I’m dying to know what comes next! I also hope the girls get their own stories.” – Susan Flynn, Beta reader Writers club.

”S. Valentine does an exquisite job at creating a dynamic between two characters, both from different worlds, that goes beyond a physical attraction. His Confession is book one in The Black Door Trilogy. It is a fast paced story that is full of hotness and anticipation that heats you up from your head to your toes. Gabi, is tired of always playing it safe. Darion, has demons that he can no longer control. When these two get together, boundaries are pushed, control is tested and emotions run wild.” – AV. Scott, author of High Heels & New York.

coverhisconfession6“A brilliant book which leaves you wondering what happened in Darion’s past that has left him so wary and so afraid to put himself and his heart out there not to mention to put his faith and trust in Gabi, the one woman whose managed to penetrate the walls he’s built. I can’t wait for book 2 and I’m hoping that Darion and Gabi can overcome the obstacles that stand in front of them, including Eva, Darion’s ex wife.” – Rebecca Barber, author Nobody’s Obligation.

S. Valentine grew up in England. Studying English language and literature, as well as law, she worked in a solicitors for many years before moving to Spain. She does however still visit the UK, which in a way, will always be home.

Returning to her lifelong passion of writing books, she’s also a weekly columnist for The Ibizan newspaper on: lifestyle and fashion. Her other interests include reading, shopping and a nice glass of wine. She’s a social media addict, and loves connecting with new people.

For more information, please visit: If you join her newsletter, you will be the first to receive sneak peeks of chapters, teasers, news, giveaway prizes and more!

Newsletter sign up:


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Feature Friday January 15 – Elizabeth Roderick – Love or Money

featurefridayI am proud to present this week’s Feature Friday author, Elizabeth Roderick and her new release, Love or Money. Every Friday, I feature an author from Limitless Publishing, my own publisher, and their books on this blog. The books are available in paperback and eBook. Please support these outstanding writers by spreading the word to your friends, family, and co-workers.

loveormoneyLOVE OR MONEY 

by Elizabeth Roderick

Limitless Publishing


There’s a price to pay for living the fast life…

Gabriella Hernandez—known to her friends as Riel—almost wishes she could stay in prison. At least there she has steady meals, and a girlfriend who loves her. Even a cold cell is better than what’s waiting for her on the outside. The only people she looks forward to seeing in her normal life are her sister, Lizette, and her green-eyed best friend and former drug-running partner, Evan.

loveormoney4Drugs, danger, and a hot spark of romance…

Upon release, Riel has no choice but to go back to work for her brother-in-law, Isaias. This time, instead of running drugs, he forces her to work in his strip club where she gets a lousy ten percent of her tips. The daily dose of threats and coercion chains her to this place. And, if she makes a run for it, she’d be abandoning everyone she loves. With Isaias’ spies and henchmen everywhere, there’s nowhere to run.

A crooked cop, a setup, and hope for a real life…

Evan is able to smuggle her out of the city, but it isn’t long before Riel’s fears come true. After a bloody shootout with Isais’ men lands Evan at death’s door, it’s up to her to get them out of this deadly game, and into the quiet life they’ve always wanted. With the help of a crooked cop and the FBI, she concocts a plan. If it succeeds, Isaias goes to prison for life, and she and Evan get immunity from prosecution. If she fails, she may die—along with Evan, her sister, and countless others.

With eyes all over and the FBI involved, will Riel pull off the sting operation?

Or will they all go down in a blaze of drugs and gunfire?


#oneclick Amazon:


loveormoney5ELIZABETH RODERICK grew up as a barefoot ruffian on a fruit orchard near Yakima, in the eastern part of Washington State. After weathering the grunge revolution and devolution in Olympia, Washington, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, she recently moved to the (very, very) small town of Shandon, California: a small cluster of houses amidst the vineyards of the Central Coast.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, and worked for many years as a paralegal and translator. She went on to study chemistry, physics, and higher mathematics, with the goal of becoming a research chemist, but was eventually forced to concede that graduate school would require too much time away from her husband and daughter, and that–despite her good-enough grades –she was perhaps the wrong kind of nerd for such pursuits, being more the type that likes to dress in cloaks and hauberks rather than lab coats and goggles.

She is a musician and songwriter, and has played in many bands. She’s rocked pretty much every instrument, including some she doesn’t even know the real names for, but mostly guitar, bass and keyboards. She has two albums of her own, which you can listen to at She writes fiction novels for young adults and adults, as well as short stories, and keeps an active blog at

Limitless Publishing:












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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Sequel

sequelWhen I first came up with the idea for A STONE’S THROW (November 2015 Limitless Publishing), I did not plan for it to be the first in a series. However, after I finished it, I realized that my characters were asking for at least one more book. How do characters ask this? Well, sometimes an author feels that their characters can be further developed in a sequel or a series. There might be storylines that were not completely tied up in the first, or there might be room for new characters and new storylines. That seemed to be the case for me.

Without giving away any details about the next in what may be one more book or a series of Cobble Cove novels, I would just like to share with readers and other fellow authors some DO’S AND DON’TS  I learned from writing a follow-up to my romantic suspense novel.


  1. DO feature backstory from the first book in flashbacks sprinkled throughout the second.
  2. DO introduce new characters and show how they interact with the old.
  3. DO continue developing old characters. Remember, they age physically and also mature with their experiences.
  4. DO write in the same point of view as the original.
  5. DO make sure the timeline and dates are accurate from one book to the other.
  6. DO make sure that previous characters continue to have the same habits and mannerisms. Also recheck their appearance. If the time you are writing about from one book to the other is a wide gap, remember to age all characters accordingly.
  7. DO fill in info about occurrences/events that happened between books. i.e. Have any characters died? Gotten married? Moved?
  8. DO leave the ending open for a third book if you intend on continuing the series. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tie up the plot completely, but leave room for the characters to grow and change.
  9. DO inform your readers and fans of the upcoming book. It’s also a nice idea to offer the first one at a discount or for free for those who haven’t yet read it.
  10. DO write in the same genre. If the first book is a mystery, it would be strange to have your characters appear in a science fiction in the second book. Also, try to keep the books approximately the same length if possible.


  1. DON’T write a follow-up book that is too similar to the first. It’s okay to have similarities, but you want something that generates new interest.
  2. DON’T write a follow-up book that is drastically different from the first. The tone, atmosphere, and genre should be the same.
  3. DON’T forget to include any characters. If you have a lot of characters in the first book, make sure you feature the main ones or explain what happened to them between books.
  4. DON’T introduce new characters without giving them a role. Adding new characters for the sake of having more characters won’t sit well with readers. However, if you develop the new characters well and plan to use them in an upcoming book, that could be useful.
  5. DON’T seek out a new publisher. If you published your book traditionally, it only makes sense to try to sell the second book to the first publisher.
  6. DON’T refer to something that happened in the first book without providing a reference to it.
  7. DON’T set the book on a stage that doesn’t suit it. If your first book took place in a small town, don’t move it to the big city (although it’s always possible to have the characters take a trip there).
  8. DON’T change any character drastically unless you explain the change. For instance, if someone loses weight, explain that they were on a diet. If someone’s personality changes, explain what the cause might be.
  9. DON’T sweat the small stuff. You needn’t go into major detail about all the happenings from the first book, but it’s nice to include some of the major stuff when you can work it into the story.
  10. DON’T choose a title that has little significance with the previous book. It’s nice to be able to identify a series by its title. This can be done in various ways. You can keep one word in every title the same or you can use related words or themes. You can bet my follow up title to A STONE’S THROW will have something to do with rocks and, perhaps, a common quote or phrase.

Looking forward to sharing more information about my sequel soon. I hope these tips help other authors. Both readers and authors should feel free to comment any other ideas/thoughts about series writing.


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Author Spotlight Brittney Coon

authorspotlightWelcome to the Limitless Library Lounge where I interview fellow authors from Limitless Publishing. Today, I am chatting with Brittney Coon from Tempe, Arizona

me pro


Thanks for joining me, Brittney.  Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable.
I understand you have a novel that is just being released by Limitless today. Can you give me some details about it and the series it is part of?

Shades of Sydney main coverI was signed with Limitless in September 2015 thanks to #Pitmad on Twitter. My debut novel SHADES OF SYDNEY will be released today, January 12th, 2016. Sydney will have three books.

I write contemporary new adult and young adult. SHADES OF SYDNEY is my only upcoming release so far. I’m still editing book two and writing book three. I also have about three other books in-progress. I also love writing vampire books.

Nice. Sounds like you have some great writing goals. Can you describe them to us in further details? What do you hope to achieve in the next few years? What are you planning to do to reach these goals?

My goal is to publish my eleven books I have living on my laptop and the other five or six that are in-progress, once I finish them of course. Not to mention writing all the ideas I have saved in my summaries/ideas document. After my books are published, and hopefully the readers love my characters as much as I do, I want to make them movies. I was a film minor in college and all I want to do is make movies. I also have a rock star trilogy I want to make a TV show. I already have the first two episodes written thanks to my TV writing class. As for my plans to reach my goals, I need to focus and find a way into Hollywood, which isn’t easy to do.

Very interesting. Good luck with all of that.

What type of reader are you hoping to attract?  Who do you believe would be most interested in reading your books?

I think my type of reader is teens up to people in their 30s-40s. Thanks to Wattpad, I’ve learned my readers come from everywhere and I love them all, but I’ve noticed I usually have teens and people in their 20s. I think people who are a fan of romance, action, and just love new adult and young adult in general will enjoy my books. I’ve loved reading forever and to have my books next to Sarah Dessen and Ellen Hopkins has been my dream for a while now.

Dreams are great. You have to believe in them and work to make them happen. Speaking of that, what advice would you give other authors or those still trying to get published?

Never ever give up! I was rejected over and over again for years for two different books. You can’t make everyone happy. There’s going to be something that someone will hate about your book, but don’t change it for them. If you love it then keep pounding the pavement and one day you will get published. You still have a lot of work to do even when the door opens for you, but it’s so worth it, trust me.

I hear that from all new authors, and I agree with it myself. I was rather lucky in having A STONE’S THROW accepted pretty early in my submission process. They also found me through a Twitter event.

Besides writing, do you have any other hobbies or interests?

Ha! I kind of rescue cats, I ended up with four of them. So I spend time with them and my dog. I have an addiction to rock concerts. You can usually find me in Barnes and Noble. I love TV and movies. Almost every day I watch Friends, the best show ever and never gets old. I would love to work on some more films and maybe go on tour with a band, but these are crazy hopes.

Talking cats, I have two of my own and have always had some since childhood. I try to put pets in my novels. There’s a library cat  and a Golden Retriever in A STONE’S THROW, and those pets will also be in the sequel I just finished and hope to publish this spring.

What do you like most and least about being an author? What is your toughest challenge?

I love sharing my characters with others and hearing how my books help them, make them happy/sad, whatever. I love it! I don’t like when I want to write yet I find myself online, the internet is my enemy and best friend. My toughest challenge is getting focused, but once I have my outline done and I’m in the zone, no one can stop me.

I feel exactly the same. I think most writers really enjoy knowing that their words can touch people. I also know what social media can do to waste time, but it has its positive side if you can network with people. I agree that you need to be in the “zone” to write. I find that early morning before work is best for me, but the main thing is having a routine and to write each day.

Can you please list your social media links, website, blog, etc. so readers can connect with you.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00033]














Thanks for the interview. It was very nice to talk with you in the Limitless Library Lounge today, and I wish you the best with your your new release and those that follow.




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New Book Release Alert – Obsession – Russian Tattoos by Kat Shehata

I am proud to present OBSESSION, Book #1 Russian Tattoos. This book was written by fellow Limitless Publishing author, Kat Shehata The information below is taken from her release blitz by the Book russiantattoosEnthusiast scheduled today, January 12, 2016. The blitz includes a giveaway that you can enter. Thanks for reading, sharing, and supporting this author.

Obsession by Kat Shehata #BEP #NewRelease @KatShehata @bookenthupromo

Genre: NA Romantic Suspense

Release Date: January 12, 2016

Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions ( )


Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon CA:


Enter here ➜ ➜

Add the book to Goodreads ➜


Falling in love isn’t a crime—but falling in love with a Russian mob boss could be deadly.

Competitive tennis player Carter Cook wants a taste of freedom. Her overprotective father monitors every aspect of her life, so when he becomes employed by Vladimir Ivanov –a sexy Russian with an array of tattoos and an accent that weakens her knees—a taste of danger is within Carter’s grasp. Behind her father’s back, she enjoys spending time with Vladimir at his lavish estate. But is he really the upstanding businessman she believes him to be?

Vladimir Ivanov—godfather of a Russian mafia crime ring.

Vladimir spent five years of his life in a Siberian prison camp and has earned every tattoo inked into his skin. He is a powerful man who gets what he wants, and after stalking the gorgeous tennis player for years—he wants Carter. A little charm melts her heart, and behind the scenes, he orders his henchman to track her every move.

He’s a tattooed stick of dynamite ready to blow at the slightest spark.

As their romance reaches deadly levels, Carter senses something’s not right. When she’s lured into a compromising position at the hands of a shady European drug dealer, she calls in Boris, Vladimir’s right hand man, to rescue her—without telling Vladimir. With his authority questioned, he sets out to teach Carter a lesson about loyalty she’ll never forget.

When Carter realizes she’s in too deep, she must fight for her freedom before the attraction turns fatal. But the Russian bratva plays for keeps, and Vladimir’s fierce lust to possess her spirals their romance out of control.


Kat Shehata went to school with a bunch of animals–literally. She is a graduate of the Cincinnati Zoo’s Animal Conservation and Care Program. Her first career involved caring for exotic, dangerous, and adorable animals as a zookeeper. She has had her shirt ripped off by a jealous orangutan, hand-fed grapes to fruit bats, played tug-o-war with a three-toed sloth, and escorted an elephant down Pete Rose Way in the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade. As an author, Kat weaves her love of animals into her work. She is the co-author of New York Times bestseller Animals on the Other Side written with Sylvia Browne.

She is a competitive tennis player and spends her free time smashing tennis balls, cheering on her teammates, and playing matches in a recreational league. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, three kids, and an enthusiastic poodle. She holds a bachelor’s degree in theatre from Wilmington College, a professional writing certificate from the University of Cincinnati, and a master’s degree in creative writing from Spalding University.








russiantattoos2Russian Tattoos—Obsession: excerpt 

When we got to the house, I jumped out of the Cadillac like it had a bomb strapped underneath it. I ran inside and crashed into my sexy boyfriend’s waiting arms.

Vladimir lifted me up.

I wrapped my legs around his body.

He sat me down on the kitchen counter.

We made out like we had guns to our heads.

Boris walked in the door, grumbling in Russian.

“Did you miss me, Vladimir?” I asked.

“No.” He flashed his crooked smile.

I shoved him in the chest.

“I couldn’t breathe the whole time we were apart,” he recanted. “Isn’t that right, Boris?”

Da. His lips were blue.” Boris shook his head wanting nothing to do with our gooey love fest. “Thank heavens you came back to resuscitate him, Carter.”

“Let me make sure he’s okay.” I ran my fingers through his wavy hair and kissed him again, louder and sloppier that time. Vladimir liked it. He flung off my hat and scarf, unzipped my coat, and tossed it on the floor. “I think he’s okay now, Boris. I saved him.”

We laughed.

Boris mumbled in Russian and left the house.

Vladimir noticed what I was wearing and grinned. I had on a red Christmas-themed t-shirt that I borrowed from Kiki with “naughty” scrolled across the front in sparkle letters. It was too short, too tight, and I hadn’t bothered to wear a bra.

He licked his lips and lifted my shirt, but I stopped him from taking it off. From my perch on the counter, I had a perfect view of the white murderer van parked by the basketball court. “Not here.” I closed my hands around his. “Show me your bedroom.”

He scooped me up and swept me away. I had never been in there before—never even snuck a peek inside. I thought it would look like the rest of the house, decorated with a designer’s touch but not too personal. I was wrong. I spied a soccer ball on the floor, a collection of egg-shaped music boxes on the dresser, and photos of his family lined the walls. Vladimir enjoyed seeing my reaction to the side of him I’d yet to know.



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Cozy Chat with J.B. Hawker

cozycatpicAlthough I consider myself a romantic suspense author and fan, I also used to be an avid reader of cozy mysteries. For those of you who also share that interest, I will be featuring Cozy Chats with cozy mystery authors on this blog. If you are an author who writes a cozy series and would like to participate in a future Cozy Chat, please contact me.

jbhawkerThis week’s Cozy Chat is with J.B. Hawker who I spoke with about her First Ladies Club series.

Hi, J.B. Thanks for joining us on Cozy Chat. Have a seat and help yourself to some tea while we talk.

Can you tell us a little bit about the First Ladies Club series. What gave you the idea for it?

Hi, Debbie. It’s very nice to be here, and you may call me Jonna during our chat if you’d like.

I was a pastor’s wife for twenty-five years in small towns all around the US. I met many interesting women who were also married to pastors, sometimes we formed support groups similar to the First Ladies Club, so the series was a natural. In the series I focus on the life and adventures of a different member of the club in each book. My lead character in the current book was married to a pastor, was widowed and is now a minister herself. My daughter-in-law is a clergywoman and I have good woman friends in the ministry, so I thought I’d like to share some of the joys and struggles women pastors encounter. I situated the stories in a fictional town on the Oregon Coast, similar to communities I’ve lived in. While none of my friends was ever involved in the sort of hair-raising experiences in the books, I do borrow bits of personality from people I’ve known and loved (some more than others).

That’s great, Jonna. Writing about what and who you know makes one’s writing more realistic. Do you have any advice to other authors about writing cozies or writing in general?

I’ve only been a published writer since 2012, so I hesitate to offer advice, but the two most important lessons I’ve learned, so far, are to be true to your passion in what you write and to know your audience. You can’t please everyone, so try to tailor your book’s cover and description to the readers who are most likely to appreciate your work. Readers’ unmet expectations can lead to poor reviews.

That sounds like excellent advice. What are you currently working on?

3d .png Body coverA Body in the Belfry came out recently, so I’m still in the throes of promotion (aargh! Why can’t readers just find my work by osmosis, anyway?), but I’ve begun outlining the next book in the series, with the working title of “A Corpse in the Chapel.” This book will highlight Judy Falls, one of the pastors’ wives introduced in the first book of the series. Judy is married to the Presbyterian pastor, Ken, who is twenty years her senior. They have twin teenage daughters. Judy is a loveable scatter-brain; bohemian, outspoken, vegan, and with a love for all creation.  One day while gathering herbs in the woods, she stumbles across a derelict chapel. She goes inside looking for some old treasure to repurpose but finds a mummified corpse, instead.

Your second book of the First Ladies Club series sounds great. Do you write any other genres than cozies?

bunnyedlerMy first series of Bunny Elder Adventures are billed as “not-quite-cozies”. “Hollow” the first book is a mystery/thriller and has a bit too much graphic gore for some readers of cozies. It features a serial killer who dismembers his victims and hides or displays their body parts in the local Halloween decorating contest displays. It is the darkest of my books, although some of the others do include intense scenes. None of my work has foul language or gratuitous violence or graphic sex. All my books are written from a Christian perspective. I have published a volume of weekly inspiration for leaders in women’s ministry, Power for Women’s Ministry Leaders, under my full name, Jonna Hawker Turek, and am working on a daily devotional for women compiled from my weekly blog, Power Walking with Jonna.

You sure stay busy. I’ve encountered that same situation with my Cobble Cove books that you did with your first series. A STONE’S THROW came out at around the time A BODY IN THE BELFRY did in November. I considered it romantic suspense, but some people are calling it a cozy mystery because, although there’s a murder, there’s no gore or violence and very mild sex. I just finished writing a sequel to it that I hope to publish this spring, so I hope I can sort out its genre by then.

Can you also tell me how you got started in writing?

Like many writers, I’ve written since I was a child, but only began publishing when I was called upon to produce church newsletters, Sunday school curriculum and ministry/programming materials. I began writing “Hollow” in 2006, on a whim. When it was finally published and won the B.R.A.G. Medallion award I was encouraged to take my writing more seriously.

Very nice. I think you’re right about many writers writing since childhood and then publishing later when circumstances allow. I did the same. In college, I wrote on the student newspaper and published the library school graduate newsletter. I later wrote articles for magazines. I self-published CLOUDY RAINBOW in 2004 but it wasn’t until I published A STONE’S THROW this year by LIMITLESS PUBLISHING that I seriously got into writing and promoting my work. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all this effort pays off, but I love it.

Back to you. What are your hobbies besides writing?

I love to sew, cook, garden, sing and paint. Almost anything creative, I suppose.

Is there anything else you’d like readers of this blog to know about you and/or your books?

Although I write about Christians, these characters have the same flaws as the rest of us. They stumble and fall and fail to live up to their own ideals, sometimes, but they cling to the hope of forgiveness and keep trying. I hope people reading my books will be encouraged and well as being entertained.

Thank you so much for joining us on Cozy Chat today Joanna. Good luck with both your series and any other projects you have planned for the future.

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Feature Friday January 8 – DelSheree Gladden – The Only Shark in the Sea

featurefridayI am proud to present this week’s Feature Friday author, DelSheree and her new release, The Only Shark in the Sea. Every Friday, I feature an author from Limitless Publishing, my own publisher, and their books on this blog. The books are available in paperback and eBook. Please support these outstanding writers by spreading the word to your friends, family, and co-workers.



Vance Sullivan has always been the rock everyone turns to for help…

His work with patients recovering from traumatic events makes him the perfect person to help his friend, Guy Saint Laurent, with one of his Date Shark appointments. When Vance meets hesitant, frightened Natalie Price, he suspects she’s hiding the truth behind her fears, and he’s drawn in by a need to help her.

Shark2Haunted by a terrible event from her past, Natalie can’t even endure being touched without suffering a crippling panic attack… 

She doesn’t know why, but Natalie feels Vance might be the only one who can help her put the pieces of her life back together. Despite the tension their arrangement causes with his girlfriend, their bi-weekly sessions seem to be helping…as long as he keeps his promise not to push her to reveal more than she’s ready to share.

Suddenly the tables have turned…

When Vance suffers his own unspeakable tragedy, asking for help is the last thing he wants to do. Drowning in grief and guilt, crushed by betrayal and lies, Vance needs a lifeline.

Natalie has no idea why anyone thinks she can help him, given her own deep-rooted fears—but she knows she has to try.

A twisted notion of justice makes the danger all too real, 

and Vance and Natalie realize it might take one broken soul to mend another…

Read it for free with KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Kindle ⇉


DelSheree Gladden was one of those shy, quiet kids who spent more time reading than talking. Literally. She didn’t speak a single word for the first three months of preschool, but she had already taught herself to read. Her fascination with reading led to many hours spent in the library and bookstores, and eventually to writing.

She wrote her first novel when she was sixteen years old, but spent ten years rewriting and perfecting it before having it published.

Native to New Mexico, DelSheree and her husband spent several years in Colorado for college and work before moving back home to be near family again. Their two children love having their seventeen cousins close by. When not writing, you can find DelSheree reading, painting, sewing and trying not to get bitten by small children in her work as a dental hygienist.

DelSheree has several bestselling young adult urban fantasy series, and her first contemporary romance, Date Shark, will be released with Limitless Publishing in 2014.










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Cover Reveal for Echoes of the Past by Iris Blobel

Echoes of the Past by Iris Blobel
Series: Fermosa Bar Book #1
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: February 16, 2016
<<< SYNOPSIS >>>
Emily Bradshaw waited over twenty years to see Connor again…When her childhood friend, Connor Walsh, returns home to see his ailing father, Emily is elated to be reunited with the handsome man who moved to London so many years ago. But excitement fades to disappointment when he doesn’t remember her—or their first kiss. With her crush on Connor still in full swing, she’s determined to enjoy the short time he’s in Fermosa Bay, even though she knows her heart will break when he returns to his life in London.When Connor receives news that his biological father is terminally ill, he returns to Fermosa Bay, Australia.

With memories of his childhood tucked fondly in the back of his mind, returning to the small, coastal town leaves him to wonder how life would have been if his mother had never taken him away. Would he have been married and had children? Perhaps with Emily Bradshaw…

Secrets from long ago begin to unfold…

As Connor and his father grow closer, Connor learns his parents have a broken love story of their own. Will the echoes of the past lure him into staying, maybe for good? Or will he relive his parents’ tragic story and flee to London?

Walking away from a real chance at true love…

Redbird Designs:

Iris Blobel was born and raised in Germany and only immigrated to Australia in the late 1990s. Having had the travel bug most of her life, Iris spent quite some time living in Scotland, London as well as Canada where she her husband. Her love for putting her stories onto paper has only emerged recently, but now her laptop is a constant companion.

Iris resides west of Melbourne with her husband and her two beautiful daughters.

Next to her job at a private school, she also presents a German Program at the local Community Radio.