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Spring Sale and April Contest

My psychological thriller, Sea Scope, is on Sale until April 4 for 99 cents. This book won a silver medal from Reader’s Favorite, was a finalist in the mystery category of Top shelf Magazine’s contest, and was nominated for best mystery by the Author Academy Awards. It was also a 5-star recommended read of the IHI Book Review Project.

Sarah Collins needs an escape. Mourning her brother’s death and the impending breakup of her marriage, she returns to her childhood home in South Carolina, where her family operated an inn.

Sarah hasn’t been back to Sea Scope for twenty years; not since she and her brother Glen discovered a body by the nearby lighthouse. She never understood why her parents left Sea Scope so suddenly, or the reasons behind her father’s suicide.

After Sarah returns to the inn, she faces long-buried memories, text messages and strange clues. Something is not right in Sea Scope. Reunited with people from her past, she tries to figure out what’s going on in her childhood home.

When past and present collide, Sarah must face truths about her family, and what happened that summer day by the lighthouse. But will she survive to tell the tale?

Purchase link:

If you haven’t subscribed to Debbie’s Drafts, my author newsletter, subscribe before April 2 to be eligible to win a $10 gift card and a paperback copy of one of my books in which you will be named. Details will be included in my April newsletter.

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Welcoming 2021 with Hopes, Dreams, and Goals

This has been a tough year, and one that we were all glad to see end.

In my holiday blog post (  I spoke about some challenges and triumphs I’ve encountered this past year. For New Year’s, I’d like to share my goals for 2021 and would love to hear yours. Goals are hopes and dreams put into action and are more important than resolutions because they’re within our control. Here are my top 3:

Goal 1: Diet and Exercise:

I’ve been on the Jenny Craig diet for several years now and have been exercising daily with Leslie Sansone’s Walk-at-Home videos; and, although I’m over 70 pounds lower than when I started, I’d still like to lose at least 15 pounds more. The holidays are a tough time to diet, and I’m a big snacker. I enjoy sweets especially chocolates. While I don’t expect to lose much over the winter, I’ve signed up for a virtual fitness challenge from a company called Run the Edge. My challenge, Run the Year 2021, is a year-long exercise challenge beginning January 1st where participants can run, walk, or step their way to a goal they set from 1,000 to 2021 “miles.” In December I’d also participated in the Run from 2020–Zoom into 2021 Challenge to run/walk 100 miles until January 1st. I came in 4th place out of 156 virtual participants with 131.01 miles walked. It’s a great motivation to keep fit.

Goal 2: Writing Projects

I have a ton of writing projects in various stages of development. I’ve recently resurrected a time-travel novel that I would like to edit and publish. I’m also considering a sequel to Sea Scope which was so well received and won a silver medal from Reader’s Favorite and placed as a finalist in TopShelf Magazine’s 2020 Awards contest (the eBook is on sale for 99 cents until January 3). Of course, I have plans for a 6th Cobble Cove cozy mystery, although I may publish a spring Sneaky the Library Cat story first. I may also try my hand at another non-fiction book after Pet Posts: The Cat Chats. I have an idea for this but will keep it to myself for now, although I can say that it will involve cats.

Goal 3: Continuing Education

As a librarian and an author, I know the value of lifetime learning. I’m hoping to take more online writing courses and attend virtual and, if available, in-person conferences. In addition, I’ll be leading a Zoom writing group for my library called First Draft Writer’s Club that kicks off this January and a virtual book club called Fun with Fiction that will feature monthly reading themes. I plan to share information from those groups in upcoming posts. In February, Long Island University’s Alumni Association, has asked me to host a one-hour zoom writing workshop, From Blogs to Books: Publishing for Pleasure or Profit, where I’ll be discussing various types of writing and publishingThe writing group, book club, and workshop will be open to all but will require registration. I’ll post details about them in a future blog and share on my Facebook author page.

Thank you all for your support this year. I wish you a happy, safe, and healthy New Year, and best wishes for accomplishing all your goals for 2021.

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Happy Holidays and Wishes for a Better New Year

This has been a tough year. As some of you know, I lost a long-time friend and a sweet, elderly homebound patron to COVID. I know some of you have also lost friends, relatives, and co-workers. We’ve all also lost many other things — group gatherings, family events, businesses that have closed, etc. Hope is on the horizon in the form of a vaccine, but it may take a while before the effects are evident. In the meantime, we hope and pray that 2021 is better.

Although we’ve lost a lot, we have gained some things. We’ve gained knowledge of how to connect online through programs such as Zoom, we’ve found ways to occupy ourselves during lockdown and make the most of a bad situation. Personally, I’ve been lucky that my husband, daughter, and I have stayed safe. I’ve published 3 books this year, Memory Makers, No Gravestone Unturned (Cobble Cove #5), and Pet Posts: The Cat Chats.

My short science fiction stories, “The Felindae Mission” and “Mirror Image” appeared in the Red Penguin Collection, What Lies Below.

I had 3 poems published in anthologies: “Window Cats” in the 2020 Nassau County Voices in Verse; “Poetry Contest” in the 2020 Bard’s Annual; and “Advent” in the Tis the Seasons anthology published by Red Penguin Books.

In 2020, I also won two awards – the Cat Writers’ Association’s Muse Medallion for my eBook, Sneaky’s Christmas Mystery (on sale for 99 cents through the end of December), and a 5-star silver medal from Readers Favorite for my psychological mystery, Sea Scope

One thing that has kept me sane through these difficult times has been my family, pets, and the support of fellow authors and readers. I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday and much brighter days in the New Year.



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Special 99-Cent Deal on the Spanish Version of Sea Scope by Debbie De Louise

The Spanish translation of my psychological mystery, Sea Scope, is available as a .99 Kindle download from 8/15 thru 8/19. This book received a 5-star review and a silver medal from Readers’ Favorite, a cover award from Top Shelf Magazine, and was a finalist in the mystery category of the Author Academy Awards.

Download Spanish edition for .99 via Amazon

Overview / Description:

Sarah Collins necesita un escape.

Mientras sufre el duelo por la muerte de su hermano y la inminente ruptura de su matrimonio, regresa al hogar de su infancia en Carolina del Sur, donde su familia regentaba una posada.

Sarah no había regresado a Vista al Mar durante veinte años; desde que ella y su hermano Glen descubrieron un cuerpo cerca del faro.  Ella nunca comprendió por qué sus padres se marcharon de Vista al Mar tan repentinamente, ni las razones detrás del suicidio de su padre.

Después que Sarah regresa a la posada, enfrenta recuerdos enterrados hacía mucho tiempo y unas pistas extrañas.  Algo no está bien en Vista al Mar.  Reunida con personas de su pasado, ella intenta descubrir qué está ocurriendo en el hogar de su infancia.

Cuando el pasado y el presente se encuentran, Sarah debe enfrentar las verdades de su familia, y lo que ocurrió aquel a de verano en el faro.  ¿Pero sobreviviría para contar la historia?

Vista Al Mar – Extracto del libro


Posada Vista al Mar, Veinte años atrás

Mi hermano Glen y yo corríamos por las escaleras del faro.  Mi cola de caballo se agitaba salvajemente a medida que mis zapatos deportivos golpeaban los escalones de hierro en espiral.  Como de costumbre, Glen tomó la delantera y yo reduje mi velocidad, con dolor en mis muslos.  Ciento sesenta y siete escalones después me reuní con él en la barandilla, doblada y jadeando.  Con una sonrisa pedante, él estaba allí de pie con sus brazos cruzados y relajado.

—Te gané de nuevo, Sara la tortuga. —Sacó su lengua.

Me enderecé. —Pequeño diablillo.  Se lo diré a Mamá.

Glen volteó los ojos y me dio la espalda mientras caminaba por el borde del balcón, mirando hacia abajo por la barandilla.

Luego se detuvo.

—Ey, ¿qué es eso? —preguntó, inclinándose por encima de la barandilla.

Vacilé.  Lo último que quería era mirar hacia abajo.  Glen, por otro lado, no le tenía miedo a nada.

—Aléjate de allí, Glen.  ¿Qué nos dijo Papá sobre acercarnos demasiado al borde de la barandilla?

—Tienes que venir a ver esto, Sarah.  Hay un hombre allá abajo, —dijo sobre su hombro, señalando el suelo con su dedo regordete.

A pesar de mi estómago revuelto, me asomé por el borde y seguí su mirada hasta un hombre que estaba durmiendo en la hierba arenosa.  Estaba boca abajo e inmóvil, sus brazos y piernas extendidos en ángulo, su camisa a cuadros rota.