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From the Unconventional Bookshelf: Naked Hiking by Richard Foley

Although this is a departure from some of the books I regularly feature and I realize it may not be of interest to non-hikers, I know that every book has its audience, and it’s important for authors to reach those readers.  While this is a non-conventional title, I hope some of you might consider it if it is a topic you’d like to explore.

Naked Hiking by Richard Foley @richardfoleyrfi

Naked hiking is an exciting and healthy activity which can be enjoyed by nearly everybody, almost anywhere. Perhaps you’ve wondered whether you could do it too, and if so how, or where might you begin? Or maybe you are an experienced naked hiker already, and feel like stretching your wings a little further by reading about other people’s naked adventures in the great outdoors.

Many people may be surprised to discover that hiking naked in public spaces is fully legal and actively supported in many countries all around the world. It is also an activity which is practiced by a large number of people in many different locations, from gently meandering around sunny lake shores, to easy rambling across rolling countryside, to the very tops of rocky alpine peaks.

This book brings together some of the best writers on the subject, experts in their field, to share their intimate knowledge of naked hiking with you. Included are naked hiking reports, fully illustrated with pictures, from Nicole Wunram (author of “Nacktwandern”), Stephen Gough (the Naked Rambler), Olle Strand (author of “Sol, hälsa, glädje”), Richard Foley (author of “Active Nudists”), Stuart Pitsiligo (author of “Naturist, Red in Tooth and Claw”), and many others.

nakedhiking2Including over 80 full colour NSFW photos (inc. a selection of sfw photos).

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