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New Release: Bound to Their Faete by Sarah Marsh


Bound To Their Faete, Book 3 in the Beyond The Veil Series, now available!
To be given visions of the future is no small gift. But gifts such as these do not come without a burden.
Corrine has spent most of her life on the run, fleeing madmen who would see her gift used for their own evil purposes, leaving behind her entire realm and all those she cared about. When she finally finds sanctuary with a surprising ally, her worst fears come to fruition when the Goddess sends her a vision that threatens to rob her of the only thing she can’t let go—her mate.
In hopes of saving her chance of a future she risks everything, but even her visions can’t warn her of the grave consequences of her decision. When one mate turns into two, Corrine will have to return through the Veil to find the help to reverse what’s she’s done.
Wolf Alpha Gabe Errikson has spent years pining for a woman who was never meant to be his—or at least not according to his wolf. But he would give up anything, including a traditional mating to be with the woman he loves. When he finds out that Corrine has been keeping something from him since the very first day they met, will he be able to forgive her in time to save them all?
As an Alpha of his own cougar pard, Braxas isn’t accustomed to sharing—especially when it comes to his mate, but the first time he’d seen Corrine, he knew. It also hadn’t taken him long to see that his long-time friend and ally, Gabe, was hopelessly in love with her as well.
Can two powerful Alphas come together to save the woman they are fated to from a darkness that is like nothing any of them has ever known? Or will they be bound to their fate?