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Review of The It Girl by Ruth Ware

*Note: This book was an advanced reader’s copy from Net Galley. It will be published on July 12, 2022, but is available for pre-order now on Amazon at


April Clarke-Cliveden is the “It Girl.” She has everything — looks, brains, and plenty of money, thanks to her rich parents. When Hannah Jones becomes her roommate at Pelham College in Oxford, they become best friends despite the disparity in their social standings. They also become part of a group of students who hang out together. Hannah is attracted to Will, a member of this group, but he becomes April’s boyfriend.

The book alternates between Before and After. The “After” refers to the murder of April and how Hannah, ten years later, learns that the man convicted of the crime has died in prison. Hannah, now married to Will and expecting his child, starts to relive that awful experience from her past when a reporter asks to speak with her about it. The reporter claims there is new evidence that points to the innocence of the man, a porter who’d worked at the college, and whom April’s testimony helped put behind bars.

While Will doesn’t condone Hannah’s becoming involved again, she is determined to learn the truth of what really happened the night she found her roommate dead. Because April enjoyed playing pranks on people and was sleeping with more than one man at Pelham, there are quite a few suspects, including Hannah’s husband.

I found it hard to put this book down. The atmosphere was well depicted, as were the characters. I had difficulty figuring out who-dun-it because there were so many likely suspects. When I finally realized who killed April, it was right before this information was revealed. I enjoyed the twists and turns, and I found the ending action-packed. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy psychological mysteries. This isn’t my first book by Ruth Ware and won’t be my last. She is one of my favorite new authors.