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Two Time-Travel Book Reviews

I read two very good but very different time-travel novels. Here are my reviews of Doorway to Murder by Carol Pouliot and When Are You Today? by Keith Carey.


Doorway to Murder is the first book in the Blackwell and Watson cozy time-travel mysteries. I really enjoyed this book and hope to read more of the series. It blended several genres from time travel to cozy mysteries to historical fiction.

The characters were described. Olivia Watson is a current-day freelance researcher with a kitten named Mr. Moto and three girlfriends. She lives alone in the small town of Knightsbridge. Detective Steven Blackwell lives in 1934 in the same place and in the same house. Somehow, through a trick of time, they are able to see one another and even visit their retrospective years.

Olivia ends up helping Steven on a murder case, but the outcome affects her present. There’s plenty of room for more mysteries in this excellent series that currently has three books. I highly recommend it for fans of cozy mysteries, time-travel tales, and historical fiction.

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*****5 stars

When Are You Today? is the first novel by Keith Carey. It’s a time-travel tale with a Christian theme. The concept is unique, an alarm clock built in the 1930’s that present day siblings Carl and Sheila Jarliguez purchase and discover that it transports them to a different year in the past or future each day when they wake up.

Carl and Sheila are very close and recently lost their parents in an accident. As they rise each morning to a different tune reflective of the year in which they’ve arrived, they experience historical events in and around their hometown of Pasadena, California. They face danger and meet both friendly and hostile people. Their adventures include attending the first Rose Bowl Parade, meeting Albert Einstein, attempting to prevent Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, and traveling to Kuala Lumpur via future rocket.

This book contains both fun and serious moments and was well researched. There’s a twist at the end that some might see coming through clues left by the brother and sister’s mother. I recommend it for those who enjoy Christian and time-travel novels. A great first book, and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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