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April Author News and Cat Contest Update

It’s hard to believe that it’s April already. I look forward to visiting gardens, parks, and spending more time outdoors but have had some knee and ankle issues and hope they improve soon, so I can enjoy long walks again.

I’ve been working on several writing projects. Two of them have been accepted by one of my publishers, but there’s been a delay on production. I’ve heard that I should have edits for the first book of my new cozy series, The Case of the Cat Crazy Lady, this month. I’m also finishing a short story, Sneaky’s Supernatural Mystery, that will be compiled in a print book of Cobble Cove stories (see graphic below. Note that this won’t be the cover of that book). I posted more information about my upcoming releases in my Mid-March updates.

I’ll be sharing an excerpt from the new cozy in my April author newsletter coming out next week. If you don’t subscribe, you can join the email list by filling out the pop-up form on this website: The newsletter also features a Cozy Corner; Author of the Month column; Recommended Reads; Character Spotlights; sales; giveaways: and more.

On another note, my cat, Hermione, has made it to the final round of America’s Favorite Pet Contest. If you’ve been voting for her, thank you so much. Please keep voting and sharing. The contest ends this Thursday, April 7, at 9 pm EST. If you’re on Facebook, you can vote daily for free or buy PAWS votes.

Today, Saturday, April 2, all PAWS votes count double and go twice as far to support Hermione and to raise funds for the PAWS Foundation to help other pets. Thank you for your support. For Hermione’s voting page, please visit this link:

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My Cat Hermione Needs Your Votes in America’s Favorite Pet Contest

For those of you who haven’t seen my Facebook posts, Hermione made the semi-finals of America’s Favorite Pet Contest. I can’t thank enough all the people who have been voting every day and who have generously purchased PAWS votes to help her move ahead and also to raise funds for the PAWS Foundation to help pets.
The competition is tough, and we still need your votes to get to the next and final round which ends Thursday night, March 31. Please keep voting each day with free votes and/or PAWS votes. Keep an eye out for double PAWS votes which count for twice the votes and go twice as far to help pets.

Thank you so much, and big purrs from Hermione. She’s a very sweet and beautiful girl, and I’d love to see her win. Please vote for Hermione here if you agree:

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Hermione Made it to the Quarter Finals!

Thanks so much for those who voted for my cat, Hermione, in America’s Favorite Pet Contest. She’s moved into the quarter finals, so needs your votes even more at this point. You can vote for free once a day and/or pay for PAWS votes that go toward the PAWS Foundation to help animals. Every so often, the PAWS votes double. When this happens, it’s indicated on the voting page:

Hermione is a sweet and beautiful cat who will be four years old this summer. We adopted her and her brother, Harry, when they were three-month-old kittens. It was after our family had suffered a double loss. We’d lost our senior Siamese and my mother. The two kittens have given us so much joy and helped heal our sadness. They joined our older cat, Stripey.

I’m honored that so many people have been voting for Hermione, but the competition is tough. She went neck to neck with another contestant in a previous round.

On my other blog, she posted why she deserves your vote. Check out what she wrote here:

Her brother, Harry, also blogged in support of his sister. Here’s his post:

The Quarter Finals end on March 24. If Hermione receives enough votes, she’ll move on to the semi-finals. If she makes it to the finals and wins, she’ll appear in Catster Magazine and receive valuable awards.

We appreciate all your support. daily votes, and PAWS vote donations. Vote here to help Hermione become America’s Favorite Pet:

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! A Gift and a Way for You to Help Pets and the Ukraine

Even if you’re not Irish, I’d like to give you a St. Patrick’s Day gift. My cozy mystery story, Barking Up the Wrong Tree, is free today, March 17, through the weekend. Pick up your copy here:

Would you like to help support a good cause? Red Penguin Books is publishing “Where Flowers Bloom: Poems and Essays of Strength, Hope, and Resilience,” to raise funds to aid the Ukraine people. They’re seeking submissions until March 25 and also have a Kickstarter campaign.

For details, see:

Thanks to those who voted for Hermione in America’s Favorite Pet Contest. She’s now #1 in her group but still needs more votes until 6 PM PDT time on March 17 to stay in the contest and enter the quarter finals.

You can vote once each day for free or buy votes that raise funds for the PAWS Foundation to help pets. Please make St. Patrick’s Day and St. Gertrude’s Day (Saint of Cats) lucky for Miss Hermione on March 17.

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Mid-March Updates, W.I.P’s, and More

I hope you’re all doing well and looking forward to spring. I know I am. Although the weather’s been back and forth this month so far, it should settle into a steadier pattern soon. Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward this Sunday for Daylight Savings Time if you’re in an area that observes it.

I wanted to post some updates about my writing. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have a cover for the first book of my new cozy series, The Case of the Cat Crazy Lady, and I’m also still waiting for edits to start. However, during my wait, I’ve completed another standalone novel that I’m editing and will submit to an agent or publisher soon. It’s too early for me to share any details except that it involves time travel.

I’m also reprinting my cat book, Pet Posts: the Cat Chats, with a new cover and title. This book will also be published in hardcover, large print, paperback, audio, and eBook with wide distribution. In addition, I’m about to begin work on another Cobble Cove story, tentatively titled Sneaky’s Supernatural Mystery. I’m considering using this as the main story in a print collection of the previous five stories (the collection will also be available as eBooks and free on Kindle Unlimited), but I know some readers still prefer print and have asked for these stories in that format.

Talking about collections, I’ve also submitted a poem and an essay to Red Penguin Books for their Ukraine fundraiser, Where Flowers Bloom: Poems and Essays of Strength, Hope, and Resilience. They are still seeking stories until March 25 and also have a Kickstarter campaign. For details, see

I’ll also be writing something for the first Long Island Authors Group anthology.

In April, I’m planning an Easter giveaway. More on that in my April newsletter. To subscribe, complete the pop-up form at, or send me your email.

Lastly, I’d like to ask a favor. If you’re on Facebook, could you please vote for my cat Hermione, who is running in America’s Favorite Pet Contest? She’s already passed through two rounds but needs votes to get into the quarter finals on March 17. You can vote every day for free and/or purchase PAWS votes that raise funds for the PAWS Foundation that helps animals. PAWS votes sometimes count double for a short time, as indicated on the voting page. I would also appreciate any shares of her campaign link:

To read why Hermione thinks she deserves your vote, check out her post here: