10 Interesting Facts about my Protagonist Sarah Collins from my mystery, Sea Scope (guest post on Joan Guidoccio’s blog) 5/6/19

Daily Review on Here Comes a Mystery for Reason to Die 4/28/19

Guest Post on Ally Shields’ Coffee Chat 3/13/19

Featured selection for Cloudy Rainbow on Here Comes A Mystery 2/21/19

Setting Guest Post on Killer Crafts and Crafty Killers 2/7/19

Interview by Sneaky on It’s Not Always a Mystery 1/28/19

Character Guest post by Alicia on A Wytch’s Review Blog 12/16/18

Guest post on My Reading Journeys 12/15/18

Daily Review for Love on the Rocks on Here Comes a Mystery 12/12/18

My guest post on the Mystery Shelf about love in mysteries 12/12/18

Guest Post on ITW’s The Thrill Begins about series and standalone mysteries 11/12/18

Featured Selection for A Stone’s Throw on Here Comes a Mystery 11/7/18

Spotlight for Bullet in the Back and Murder at the Lavender Lake Library on Out of Control Characters 11/7/18

Book Spotlight for Love on the Rocks on K.A. Meng’s Blog 10/25/18 

Spotlight for Love on the Rocks on Living the Dream 10/25/18

Featured Selection for Written in Stone on Here Comes a Mystery 9/10/18

Written in Stone (Cobble Cove Mystery #3) Spotlight on Catscapades 4/7/17

Guest Post by Sneaky for the release of Written in stone on Sojourner McConnell’s The Path of the Writer Blog 4/5/17

Sneaky’s “Day in the Life” Blog Post on Dru’s Book Musings 12/22/16

My Pioneer Memories – The LIU/C.W. Post Pioneer newspaper September 21, 2016

How Holistic Treatments Help Cats with Asthma and Allergies – 9/2/16

star-1139372_1280Brush Your Cat for Bonding, Beauty, and Better Health 11/30/15 (Winner of the Hartz Glamour-Puss award in the Cat Writer Association’s Contest)

Middle School Dance – Hicksville News Article 10/9/15

Middle School Open House – Hicksville News Article 10/9/15

Local Pet Group Remembers Forgotten Friends – Long Island Weekly 9/4/15 (reprinted from the Hicksville News)

What I Learned from Adopting a Senior’s Senior Cat – Catster online 9/2/15

Girl Scouts Dig Gardening at the Farm – Hicksville News Article 8/19/15

Hicksville’s Hidden Parks – Hicksville News Article 8/12/15

Local Pet Group Remembers Forgotten Friends – Hicksville News Article 7/22/15

Cat Crimes Through Time Anthology – Stiches in Time short Story



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