Short Stories

The short stories listed on this page can be downloaded on for 99 cents. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can get them for free. The links are included below the cover images. They are also available in paperback anthologies published by Solstice Publishing. Check out the wide variety of genres and themes. Also, keep an eye on Debbie’s author page for updates.

Can be found in the Cupid's Arrow Vol. 1 Anthology
This Historical Paranormal Romance shifts in time from the present to Victorian Cape May.
This contemporary New Adult romance features two friends reunited one summer at a veterinary clinic in a small mountain town.
This mystery features a detective about to retire who must solve one last case involving a murder at a small public library.
This science fiction tale features a college co-ed who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed – and the wrong day of the year.
This fantasy is based on the anonymous tale about where pets go when they pass away. Be prepared for a twist at the end.
This horror story is about a librarian/witch who casts a spell to bring back her beloved cat and pays for her dabbling in the black arts when it backfires.
This holiday story features the characters from my Cobble Cove mystery series celebrating the holidays in the Cobble Cove library.